Twitter's new reporting tool ahead of elections, LinkedIn's new 'services' feature, Facebook suing a company for selling fake 'likes', Instagram replacing travel brochures, Sri Lankan blocks social media following terrorist attacks, Snapchat seeing user recovery and Google adds fun Avengers-themed feature

This week has seen another update to Twitter, this time to help stop the spread of misinformation ahead of elections. A new reporting feature will allow users to flag incorrect information that could influence people's election decisions. LinkedIn is helping freelancers and business-owners showcase their services on their profile with a new trial feature. Facebook has launched a lawsuit against a company and individuals who have been selling fake engagement on Instagram. New research has found that more people turn to Instagram to find holiday locations than travel agents, with many people choosing destinations based on how photogenic they are. The Sri Lankan government has blocked social media while investigations into the terrorist attacks…

Travel brands must select the right influencers to work with in order to see the best results and create effective stories

Working with influencers can propel a travel campaign forward and help your company reach its audience more effectively. But when you pick an influencer to work with, you are aligning their brand with your own, this is why it's incredibly important to choose the right individuals to work with. This can mean selecting influencers is a daunting prospect, especially if you have little or no experience of working in this way. One of the biggest mistakes that first-timers make is not doing enough research into influencers before choosing who to work with. [si_guide_block id="35932" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Smarter Instagram marketing guide" description="Our Smarter Instagram marketing guide will help you tap into the consumer activity on Instagram to use it to grow your business."/] It’s simply not enough to select the…

Examples and tools for building in social proof for retail and travel websites

We all, in varying degrees, look to others for advice and reassurance to reduce risk and uncertainty. In everyday life, as well as when online shopping. Often, without even realizing, we’re gently nudged along on the customer journey with social proof. This can start with something as simple as liking an Instagram post, clicking on the link in bio, followed by a trip to the website, shopping cart and straight through check-out, faster than we can say #microinfluencer. ‘The social proof heuristic is a psychological and social phenomenon whereby we, as consumers, look for behavioural guidance when we’re unsure, or in an unclear, unfamiliar, or ambiguous situation.  The greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more a given individual will perceive the idea to be correct.’  Robert Cialdini PhD…

Chart of the Day: How OTAs reach online vacation buyers?

With the rise of online price comparison sites and review sites now offering hotels and flights for purchase, the competition for the ecommerce travel industry has never been so fierce. So what are the top channels for reaching online vacation buyers? Well, new research by Global Web Index shows that there is no one dominant channel that vacation buyers use to research and discover brands online. Therefore a holistic marketing mix of different channels is necessary to reach potential customers at different touch points of the research stage. 46% of respondents stated they discover brands via search engines, this yet only 34% discover vacations via brand/product websites. This shows that your keyword strategy needs to be based on user search queries "cheapest holidays to France" "best places to visit in Australia", rather than branded keywords, in order to rank your site and persuade them to buy.…

What's new in the travel industry? Keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations to streamline your strategy

The multichannel marketing approach

 It is vital that there is a multichannel marketing plan in place for all online travel agents and comparison sites to thrive. Travellers are using more than one channel to research and book holidays and excursions – it is important now more than ever to ensure their experience is optimized for multiple devices and channels that contribute to an effective customer journey.

[si_guide_block id="81120" title="Download our Premium Resource – Travel ecommerce marketing trends 2018 " description="Our specialist marketing trends resource for the travel sector will help keep up to date in the industry and help you benchmark your digital marketing approach against others. The online guide is full of examples, case studies and metrics to help you drive your travel marketing forward."/]

Our visual shows typical touch-points relevant for the…

Chart of the Day: Ecommerce businesses share their ROI from personalization for the Retail, Travel and Financial services sectors

There are now many options for website personalization tools, but we know from our member research that many businesses have yet to implementation personalization for different reasons. I'm sharing these figures from a new research report since it may help as part of putting together a business case for investment in a tool. In the report, Personalization is defined as: "the ability to interact with each individual, at any moment, across touch points based on everything known about them, and includes testing, segmentation, and individualization approaches".  The first chart shows that across all three sectors reported, the vast majority - between 70 and 70% - do report a positive ROI. I was surprised that the proportion of businesses who don't or can't wasn't higher since many smaller businesses haven't fully implemented personalization. This perhaps reflects the larger businesses…

Interview: Roberto Abbondio, Managing Director of Eurostar

We spoke to Roberto Abbondio, MD New Digital Business of Eurostar, to find out how they plan, optimize and manage their digital transformation and long-term marketing strategy. Roberto is one of many senior keynote speakers at Digistrategy 2017, London on December 14th.  Roberto joined Eurostar in 2017. As MD New Digital Business, he is in charge of strategic projects aimed at engaging the customer with innovative and relevant ancillary propositions. Roberto joined from Cathay Pacific where he served as Managing Director Cathay Pacific Holidays in Hong Kong, leading its transition to a modern digitalised one-stop shop for the airline. Prior to that he was part of the start-up of and he worked for Expedia as Business Development Director for their b2b division, based in Paris. In his early career, after his Political Economics degree at Bocconi in Milan, Roberto covered various roles at British Airways,…

The must-know essentials to increasing your footfall through destination marketing online

If you work in the destination sector, you’ll ultimately be judged on ticket sales. We notice time and time again that the leisure and tourism attractions that smash their ticket-sales targets are the ones that fully understand (and influence) the modern consumer’s reliance on the internet when booking holidays or days out. Today’s consumer will turn to the internet to research where to go, what attractions to visit whilst there, where to avoid, and what events coincide with their stay. It’s your job as a destination marketer to get your attraction noticed during this research stage. This article will teach you how and will include details on how and why you need to... Create buyer personas Work from a content calendar Influence each stage of the buyer’s journey Employ the right tactics Ensure your website is traffic-friendly [si_guide_block id="81120" title="Download Paid Member Resource…

Travel marketers can benefit from holiday-goers enthusiasm for mobile & social

In today’s digital world, more and more travelers are turning to online resources to plan and book vacations. But to what extent does social media have the power to shape travel planning? This infographic by WebpageFX covering online travel marketing trends explores how social media and mobile technology impact travel before, during, and after a trip. Let’s take a look!

Social Media and Travel

Research shows that social media can significantly impact travel plans. In fact, 52% of Facebook report that friends’ photos have inspired travel plans. Additionally, 55% of people like social media pages related to trips they are planning. This presents a valuable opportunity for travel marketers and brands looking to attract more customers. And travel brands have started using social media to make it easier for people to find and book…

Mobile is radically re-shaping the travel industry

The future of the travel industry is in customers’ hands — at their fingertips, to be exact. With a few apps, some swipes and clicks, and one-on-one conversations with big brands through social media, an entire travel experience will be planned and confirmed by the customer alone. That’s a complete transformation from how it used to be. Not too long ago, if someone got the itch to visit an exotic location — or his grandmother in another state/country — he would pick up the phone and dial a travel agent. The expert on the other end of the line would then go to work conducting research and collecting brochures. Fast-forward 10 years, and most travel agencies have closed shop, their agents succumbing to other lines of work. The world of travel has shifted…

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