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Video marketing is no longer something to 'dabble in' if there are extra resources available. It is essential for businesses, both small and large, across all industries to have video marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategy because consumers are engaging video more than ever

Video consumption is on an upward trend and savvy brands have been incorporating video into their marketing strategy. In a recent study, Hubspot reported that 80% of users were able to recall a video ad that they viewed in the past 30 days. If this data excites you, it should! But there is more to video marketing than recording footage and uploading it to the Internet. To help you maximize your video marketing ROI, check that you’re not making any of the following video marketing mistakes. [si_guide_block id=23343" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Video and YouTube marketing guide" description="Our guide…

Your digital marketing should use the communication mode your prospects prefer: videos. By producing compelling brand origin, segment-specific and explainer videos, you’ll stand apart from the competition

Everywhere you look these days, people are staring at screens. What they’re viewing most is social media videos and streamed TV. In digital marketing videos are no longer just a nice to have; they’re a core medium through which to build awareness of your brand and to prime future conversions. The ROI of video marketing is clear, as shown in recent articles by Smart Insights and Wordstream. [si_guide_block id="23343" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Video and YouTube marketing guide" description="Our guide shows you how to review the full opportunities from video marketing whether you are a company looking to integrate video marketing more into your campaigns or a marketing agency looking to improve your video marketing services."/] Here are…

How to plan, create and market a 'how-to-video'

‘How to’ videos are one of the most popular video types on the net, so should always be considered as part of your content marketing efforts. They are an accessible format that can be applied to marketing many types of businesses. Essentially what you are doing is explaining how to do something that your people in a business are skilled in and knowledgeable about as it relates to your products and services. All ‘how to’ videos are different, but we have developed a formula that can be applied regardless of the subject. Work through these steps to get the best results with your ‘how to’ video.

1. Planning the video

What do your customers need help with?

There is approximately no point in making a how to video about something that everyone knows how to do. In the planning phase you need to research and define the…