Discover how to use our customer journey mapping template to create actionable insights to improve your marketing

In today’s digitally connected world, customers have a myriad of choices when it comes to connecting with brands and businesses. There are many benefits to this, such as greater reach and more touchpoints to connect with customers, but there are also some drawbacks.  When looking at customer journeys, there is rarely only one route available, making understanding how your customers find and interact with you more challenging.  Consider the London tube map. Let’s say you want to get to Oxford Circus. You know you can always get the Central (red) line, but you could also get the Bakerloo (brown) line or the Victoria (blue) line, depending on where you are coming from. Each journey is slightly different, and will give you a particular type of experience. …

10 ways to segment website visitors using Google Analytics

When I work on E-commerce projects to identify methods to increase conversion, I always start with a structured analysis of the current effectiveness of customer journeys for different segments, using Google Analytics to help identify potential improvements to site page templates to test.

Segments are powerful since they help you isolate and compare different traffic sources, so in the screengrab below we have selected organic traffic to just find out how these visitors behave, for example, which landing pages do they arrive on?

Note that to encourage usage of Advanced Segments, Google renamed them a couple of years ago to 'Segments' in order to make them less scary and encourage adoption amongst GA users who don't see themselves as advanced. A key part of this approach is to go beyond the…

Personas, Journey mapping, AB testing, VoC or NPS: Which Digital Marketing Optimization techniques do you use?

Our latest research on Digital Marketing Optimization demonstrates there is a major challenge for many marketers of creating integrated strategies and communications plans with less than a fifth of businesses using a structured, continuous approach. From a customer point-of-view there is also likely to be a poor experience if their customer journeys are unclear or restricted by the inability of brands to integrate their communications and experiences.

Customer Journey Optimization

Since improving your customer journey can be one of the most effective ways to boost online leads and sales, we asked respondents which analysis techniques their businesses were using to research and improve the effectiveness of their customer journey.

Digital Marketing Optimization - What's hot?

You can see that A/B testing, customer personas and customer journey mapping have become…

Now is the time to consider 2020's key digital marketing trends and how you can apply them to your marketing strategy

Whatever marketing results you achieved in 2019, you want to improve on them in 2020. To do this, you need to create a digital marketing strategy that will guide your marketing efforts this year. As you already know, marketing trends get outdated fast. Effective marketing strategies five years ago might be recipes for failure today. Therefore, you need to consider the key trends in 2020 and apply them to your digital marketing strategy. This way, you can stay ahead of your competitors and capture more leads and customers. [si_guide_block id="148741" title="Download our Free Resource – Future of marketing report" description="This report highlights five core drivers of future marketing success needed in the omnichannel marketing world."/] Without further ado, here are six key trends in 2020 and how you can apply them…