SEO and UX are both vital to ensuring your site ranks and converts. Despite this, many sites make big mistakes with both SEO and UX that can have negative effects

A website can significantly boost a company’s popularity, bring new clients, and improve its ROI. At the same time, a low-quality website can cause the company to lose out on those aspects. The Plerdy team has prepared an overview of popular SEO and UX mistakes that can repel customers and have a knock-on effect in terms of revenue, as well as rankings.

SEO mistakes

Quality website optimization is one of the most important elements of content-marketing, With its potential to attract new users to the site and eventually level up the business, SEO remains in the spotlight of marketing professionals’ attention. [si_guide_block id="80207" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 business-limiting SEO mistakes" description="Our guide takes you through some of the big SEO mistakes…

Security concerns are incredibly common and have the potential to wreak huge damages to a site and its long-term organic performance

Exactly why is cybersecurity important for SEO? If you’re working closely with a website – for an agency, independently, or in-house – it’s likely you’ve been confronted with a security issue at some point. Though they range in threat-level, security concerns are incredibly common and have the potential to wreak huge damages to a site and its long-term organic performance. Despite the ubiquitous threat, it seems digital marketers rarely feel the need to delve too deeply into the security space. Many believe it is simply not in their remit or not their problem. As strategies for SEO and cyber attacks have evolved side-by-side, it’s become clear that security is something that digital marketers need to actively pay attention to. An effective SEO consultant must be well-versed enough to inform their clients on best…

How to make sure your backend is SEO friendly

Most SEO guidelines focus on off-page SEO. Little attention is given to optimizing your website backend for SEO. Without an optimized website, off-page SEO campaigns are all in vain. As with any project, the success of an SEO campaign starts with mastering and flawlessly executing the fundamentals. Digital marketing involves having well-optimized online real estate and then letting the world know about it. The success of your online business, therefore, rests on building a solid website backend that is optimized for performance and usability. What does an SEO-friendly backend look like? Here are some issues to pay attention to:

Clean Code

Page loading speed has become a significant Google ranking factor. Google users are an impatient lot and will quickly exit a site that takes much time to load. In fact, 25% of your visitors will have left your site if your site takes more than four seconds…