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Snapchat statistics 2020

Author's avatar By 18 Mar, 2020
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How to use Snapchat marketing in 2020 as part of your social media strategy

Snapchat has seen some increase in users following a redesign that led to many users abandoning the app. Towards the end of 2019, Snapchat reported that its daily active users had increased to 210 million.

Snapchat began in 2011 as a disappearing photo-sharing platform. The app saw significant growth when it first launched but is now struggling to compete with its rival, Instagram Stories. Snapchat made its mark for showing a more authentic and unpolished side of social media. According to SproutSocial, that original feeling is what keeps some of its users engaged to this day.

Now that we are well into 2020, we've taken a look at all the key recent stats to help inform your Snapchat marketing strategy for the year ahead.

Snapchat statistics 2020

Snapchat users 2019

Snapchat users by country

  • The current longest Snapchat streak stands at 1,802.
  • It is expected that Snapchat global advertising revenue is predicted to reach $2.01 in 2020 and $2.62 in 2021.

Snapchat global revenue

What does this mean for marketers?

One of Snapchat's biggest advantages is its appeal to younger audiences. Millennials were among the early Snapchat adopters, and are still loyal users. Therefore if your business is made up of mostly millennials, Snapchat may be a good platform for you.

As more marketers turn to Instagram stories there is less competition on Snapchat. So if you are currently seeing ROI on Snapchat continue to push this platform. The key to success on Snapchat is authentic content that offers something users cannot find on any other platform. Share exclusive content on this platform and you could see some good results.

To help you make the most of what seems to be a Snapchat resurgence, take a look at our Smarter Snapchat marketing guide.

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