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94% of Facebook’s users ? ❤️ ? ? ? ? on mobile

Author's avatar By Patrick Kelly 07 Jul, 2017
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Chart of the Day: As Facebook hits 2 billion only 6% don't use a mobile device

Thirteen years after its launch, Facebook has now reached the impressive milestone of 2 billion monthly active users. And when you think there are only 7.3 billion people on our beautiful planet that figure becomes even more phenomenal. The fact more than 1 in 4 people in the whole wide world are using Facebook each month really does blow my mind.

This got me thinking about how all these people were accessing Facebook. Most people I know use the App on their mobile phones but that's only a small sample of less than scientific data. In today's Chart of the Day, I'm going to look at the Users by Device data available from Facebooks own Audience Insights tool.

Global Facebook Users by Device

Globally 94% of Facebook users are accessing their account via mobile and with 63% using an Android device, which makes a lot of sense when you consider Android has 81.7% share of the mobile market.

USA Facebook Users by Device

In the USA, the overall number of people using mobile is the same as the global figures but there is a massive shift to using either an iPhone or iPod due to the popularity of the devices in that particular market.

UK Facebook Users by Device

The UK follows the same trends as the USA in all aspects of the data except iPhone is even more popular with 44%.

India Facebook Users by Device

In India, where mobiles and the mobile internet is the standard for most users, we see a shift to 97% of all Facebook users using mobile. Android is the dominant operating system here, as it has been the default OS for low-cost mobile devices for many years now.

If you are using or looking to use Facebook to advertise your business and products, it is worth your time to use audience insights to see what devices your target audience are using. This will help you to tailor not just the posts and ads but also prompt you to take a look at your on-site mobile experience and optimize your pages to increase conversion via mobile.

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By Patrick Kelly

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