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Applying the Psychology of Persuasion to optimise your digital marketing [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 20 Apr, 2015
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A summary of 7 principles of persuasion

There is increasing interest in applying the principles of Psychology to Digital Marketing. According to Kath Pay of Cloud.IQ, the benefits of incorporating consumer psychology into your marketing are two- fold:

"First, applying the principles of the Psychology of Persuasion can assist your customer in their journey to achieve their objective i.e. buying a product or service from you, and secondly, you, as the marketer, benefits from facilitating more successful conversions".

Kath has a new free download 'Leveraging Psychology in Digital Marketing' explaining how the relationship between buyer psychology and behaviour can help marketers optimise the online customer journey. It covers the principles and examples from landing pages and email marketing on how you can improve conversion efficiency as part of inbound marketing.

This infographic is a taster of the book's themes to help you get under the skin of your customers through psychological techniques including those focussed on emotion, persuasion and loss aversion. Find out how to encourage your customers to download a brochure through 'persuasion architecture' or encourage rational thinking through emotive copy.

Leveraging Psychology in Digital Marketing infographic

To apply this in practice through structured AB testing you can use this Smart Insights Expert members CRO briefing.

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