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What is domain branding and why is it important for customer surveys?

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 11 Aug, 2017
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White labeling your surveys will build trust when collecting data and help increase response rates

Protecting your brand identity in today’s digital world is of paramount importance, especially if you are engaging with customers and asking for their feedback. Consumers are savvy and something as simple as a bona fide branded domain can build trust and increase response rates to your online surveys.

Does it really make a difference when so much data is collected every day? Consumers today can be reached in a multitude of different ways but respondents are wary of handing over personal data unless they know it is a legitimate request and the data will be handled and stored securely.

Therefore, it’s helpful to all concerned when sending a survey invitation to be able to identify immediately who has sent the request.

A simple way to ensure this is with secure domain branding. Something that can only be done with your organisation’s explicit consent and direct involvement, making it the safest and most reassuring way to engage with your target audience.

What is domain branding?

Basically, you are giving your customers an easy, sure-fire way of recognising you. By placing your brand name in the URL of your survey, you will leave no doubt in their mind that the survey has come from you. There will be no other brand name visible!

Example:  ‘something’.yourdomain.com, e.g. customersurvey.abcltd.com


How domain branding can help build trust online

Domain branding is an important cog in the wheel of creating customer loyalty. If existing customers recognise your brand, you immediately remove one barrier to survey completion.

It makes sense as, after all, you've invested in building a strong brand identity. Your website address is the first reference point a consumer sees when deciding whether or not to take part in your survey. To make a good first impression and increase the likelihood of engagement, add a professional finishing touch by customising your survey's web address.

Respondents are becoming increasingly aware of cyberattacks daily. This, unfortunately, can have an adverse knock-on effect. When people receive a survey to complete and don’t know where it has come from, they may choose not to respond to it.

Build awareness with white label surveys

Creating white label surveys and online forms, with a secure subdomain of your choice, lets you deliver a fully branded experience, allowing you to:

  • Highlight your brand assets
  • Make custom branded templates
  • Create custom URL branding

The minute your survey lands in your customer’s inbox, they will know it is a legitimate request for feedback from a trusted source. By making customers that it is a legitimate data gathering process and their data will be dealt with responsibly, is a solid business policy that will create subliminal reassurance.

How to white label (domain branding) your survey

It is easily done by clicking on Custom Domain tab after you have logged in. The following steps give you an overview of the few simple steps needed to create a custom domain.

Domain branding

Enter your chosen domain and click Add. (You will need to create a CNAME within your DNS and point it to cname.smartsurvey.co.uk)

Domain branding

Once your DNS settings have been changed, your domain brand will be changed pending the approval of your SSL certificate.

SSL Status:

When adding a custom domain, SSL will be enabled automatically within 24/48 hours. Check the padlock colour positioned to the left of your custom domain listing to see the status.

Domain Branding

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that comes into effect in May 2018, will make it essential for every business to apply due diligence with regard to being compliant with people’s personal data so why not get started now?

GDPR has been drafted to give people better control over how their personal information is used and to improve trust in the ever-evolving digital economy. The transparency of domain branding will help individuals see that you take guardianship of their data seriously. Secure data storage and access to it needs managing with clearly defined policies.

How to build brand security

Brand trustworthiness should be at the forefront of any business strategy and a solid cybersecurity policy helps to achieve this. Research conducted by IBM shows that good cybersecurity can be good marketing and leveraging online security measures is a way to build trust with shoppers, which will lead to increased sales.

Other custom security settings can further safeguard your data and give you added peace of mind. When conducting online surveys, it pays to put security settings in place by:

  • Limiting access to sensitive data with admin controls
  • Regularly reviewing access rights
  • Restricting access by IP address

As technology becomes more central to business procedures, developing credibility with your customers is essential to protect your brand. Layering another level of protection in your infrastructure is a recommended best practice.

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