Having a domain name that stands out in your communication can help make your message more effective

Marketing is not what it used to be. The Internet has radically transformed how we conduct and promote our business. Today, with digital marketing at the forefront, there are abundant resources and venues available than ever before. Do you want to drive more leads to your website? Or maybe generate more awareness about your product? If done tactfully, digital marketing can help you achieve all this and turn your business into a profit. However, even with digital marketing, there are two big challenges: Businesses do not have clear goals of what they want to accomplish from their marketing. Everyone is doing somewhat the same thing, in turn, adding to noise instead of being heard.

How to create a robust digital marketing strategy?

A good digital marketing strategy addresses the two challenges mentioned above in these simple ways:

1. Create…

White labeling your surveys will build trust when collecting data and help increase response rates

Protecting your brand identity in today’s digital world is of paramount importance, especially if you are engaging with customers and asking for their feedback. Consumers are savvy and something as simple as a bona fide branded domain can build trust and increase response rates to your online surveys. Does it really make a difference when so much data is collected every day? Consumers today can be reached in a multitude of different ways but respondents are wary of handing over personal data unless they know it is a legitimate request and the data will be handled and stored securely. Therefore, it’s helpful to all concerned when sending a survey invitation to be able to identify immediately who has sent the request. A simple way to ensure this is with secure domain branding. Something that can only be done with…