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B2B buyers of all generations believe their mobile device is essential to their work

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 23 Jan, 2017
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Chart of the Day: New Survey reveals that the vast majority of B2B buyers across all generations consider mobile devices essential

If you work in B2B marketing you may have been thinking that all this 'mobile-first' lark only need apply to your B2C friends. After all, serious B2B buyers use desktops, right?

Wrong. Okay, so that's an overstatement. Of course, they use desktops, but they also use mobile. And not just the hip young millennial buyers - new research shows in even the 50+ group (baby boomers) say that a mobile device is essential to their job.

The results come from a salesforce report which asked over 7,000 business buyers about their device usage in October 2016. Because terms like 'millennial' are often poorly defined, I thought it would be worth delineating the age ranges counted as in each generation for this report. In the graph below, millennials were regarded as being 18-35, gen-Xers as being 36-51, and baby boomers as being 52 and above.

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By Robert Allen

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