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Mobile commerce to double by 2020 [#ChartoftheDay]

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 20 Jun, 2016
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Mobile commerce predicted to reach $250 billion by end of the decade

Mobile commerce is at an inflection point. Whilst over the past few years many have been disappointed by relatively low conversion rates from mobile visits, things will soon turn a corner. A wide array of new apps, innovations and improved experiences mean buying from a mobile device has never been easier, and will only get more so.

Forrester forecast that thanks to the removal of barriers to m-commerce over the next four years, things are going to hot up fast. Purchases from mobile devices will double by 2020 reaching an impressive 250 billion dollars worth of transactions.

So for any marketers out there working for ecommerce sites, you need to make sure your mobile experience is as slick and seamless as possible. And no that doesn't just mean having a mobile responsive site. It means fast load times, simple forms, easy payment options and much more.

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By Robert Allen

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