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What is the most popular email marketing skill?

Author's avatar By Kim Greenop-Gadsby 15 Nov, 2017
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Chart of the Day: Hot email marketing skills

Email marketing - the job where you can wear many hats (even the weirdest ones)

I don't need to tell you, my little email geeks, that email marketing is a very diverse role. No one ever starts out to be an email marketer, they are from many different backgrounds or skills. For example, I was a developer first and then my situation changed and ultimately fell in love with email marketing.

The hot skill for 2018

We all have a more dominant skill and with each year the demand for those skills change. In my chart this week, we have three big changes between 2015 and 2017.

The more dominant skill is Marketing at 49.2%, which has grown in demand since 2015. Next is Development, which has the largest increase to 26.2%. The third has had the largest drop at 15.6% - Design.

These demands do not surprise me. We are email marketers, we need some marketing knowledge at least. However, we can see that the largest differences are between development and design. It is reassuring that Development is more in demand in 2017. Email rendering and mobile design are so important to clients using more and more devices to access their emails. It is so disheartening when you can see that a lot of time has been spent on an email campaign, but it just doesn't render correctly on your device or email client.

I'm not saying that Design is less important, but I can understand why it has been less focused on. Email clients have been cracking down on images in emails and caching them, or popping them into Promotion tabs.

"Email development is increasingly being recognized as a distinct skill set from web development. That’s a good thing because email rendering is so much more complex than web rendering." ~ Chad White, Litmus

Email Marketing Hot Skills

Final thoughts

No matter what anyone tells you, no one is a complete email god/goddess (although that is an amazing job title!) We all have our own talents and weaknesses. So, make yourself a cuppa, sit down and list your skills - you can even take our personalized learning plan. Now, look at your possible weaknesses. That could be anything from copywriting to that packet of biscuits staring at you. Either way, you are doing great and you will bring your own special skills to the table.

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By Kim Greenop-Gadsby

I get very excited about all things email because I'm just a #EmailGeekUK. I was born and bred in South Africa and have over 16 years experience in web development and digital marketing. When I'm not being an email geek, I spend my time with my husband, two sons and our menagerie of pets.

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