Chart of the Day: Inactivity Managment

What is inactivity in email data management?

Your email marketing platform tracks all activity relating to your email marketing, including opens and clicks. It also tracks clients who have not interacted with your emails. Different platforms also rate inactivity differently, for instance, some may class opens still as non-activity because recipients haven't clicked on any links. So, before planning your campaigns it's best to check first.

Win-back campaigns

Win-back campaigns are aimed to re-engage your subscribers. They usually focus on an offer or Unique Selling Point (USP) depending on what you think will entice your subscriber. Your win-back campaigns can be either automated or manual, however, automation does take the hassle from creating one-off manual emails. While planning your campaign, you need to decide on three things: What does inactive mean for you? What are you going to do to entice your clients back? What are you going to…

Our recommendations and reviews on email marketing broadcast software options

Since I delivered one of the first training courses on Email marketing in 2001, I have regularly been asked for recommendations for affordable E-mail broadcast software packages for Email marketing and sending Enewsletters. Today, email services are far more sophisticated when I first became involved with Email marketing 15+ years ago. The main changes are: All Email services have some features of Marketing Automation including dynamic content, automated email sequences based on actions and lead-scoring scoring based on content interacted with (particularly important for B2B Email marketing) Many email services are now part of broader 'Marketing Cloud services' particularly relevant for larger businesses. These are covered in our enterprise marketing cloud review This post highlights some of the options for businesses of different sizes that are most commonly used in the UK and delegates on my E-mail marketing courses have recommended to…

Chart of the day: The biggest challenges for growing email list size include increasing sign-up rate and improving content

New research from Ascend2 found that improving email sign-up conversion rate and improving content quality and relevancy are both the biggest challenges for marketers when it comes to their email marketing list. The research also found that improving list hygiene and reducing unsubscribe rates are also important. Naturally, conversion rate increases are the biggest challenge but content is important to marketers, who realise that quality, relevancy and value of content is key to email marketing. It ultimately is what will encourage customers to interact with the brand. Source: Ascend2 - Email List Growth Trends  Sample: 255 respondents split between B2B and B2C, most in a senior role (such as manager) Recommended resource: Email Marketing Pre-Send checklist (Expert member resource) …

Take the test to see what stage your email marketing is at

Email is an amazing marketing channel, and is consistently quoted by reputable sources as one of the best performing marketing channels for return on investment. In their Marketer Email Tracking Study 2017, the DMA found that for every pound spent, the average ROI from email marketing was £30.01. Email marketing has more users than Facebook and Twitter combined and results show that customers actually prefer to view marketing communications via email. Radicati write that that there is predicted to be over 2.9 billion users of email by 2019, which is over one-third of the population. As the digital world is constantly evolving, email marketers need to make sure that they are using the most innovative ideas and embracing change in order to succeed. Your audiences are changing and your customers are more savvy than they ever were. They…

Chart of the Day: What challenges you when it comes to email marketing? Part 2 of 4.

For email marketers, there will always be aspects of email marketing that are a challenge. The below chart looks at the various areas that email marketers are struggling with. I will be doing a 4 part series of issues pertaining to email marketing. We will be looking at the following during the course of the series: Targeting & Segmenting Subscriber list growth Tracking results Main email marketing goal. The second challenge in the series is "Subscriber list growth". Organically grown subscriber lists are challenging and it takes time to expand them. But having a large list isn't everything, you need to make sure it's an engaging list. Meaning clients trust your brand, open your email and ultimately click on the content that is relevant to them.

How do I grow a subscriber list?


Don't neglect your unsubscribing process

Getting your email unsubscribe process right is critical to your email marketing success. But, why? Surely concentrating your efforts on subscribers who have decided that they want to leave your list is time wasted. Wouldn't you be better off focusing your efforts on improving emails to those just entering the funnel, rather than those electing to drop out of it? We've been taking a look at best practices for managing email unsubscribes in a new research report on the State of Email Unsubscribing 2016 which we have published with Alchemy Worx. It reports on how retailers are managing unsubscribes, and then goes on to recommend best practice as well as mistakes to avoid. There are a number of  reasons why you need to get your unsubscribe process right, and it's not just about winning back customers. First of all consider these key points: Unsubscribing isn't a failure or even a permanent state for your…

A discussion of best practices for email capture using popovers

The question on every marketer’s lips if they're considering a implementing a pop-up or popover for capturing email addresses or promotions should be:  Will using a pop-up help us achieve our goals as well as keep our customers happy? In this article I will focus specifically on using popovers to drive subscribers - here are a few top-line tips on how to get started on achieving the right balance between your marketing objectives and customer satisfaction. [si_guide_block id="68716" title="Access Expert Member resource – Lead capture and audience profiling module" description="In this topic we’ll give you a structure to review and improve the types of insight you collect which will enable you to develop more relevant web and email personalisation to encourage conversion to sale."/] 1. Consider your audience Your potential customers don’t care what conversion rate you want, what targets you’re trying to meet or when you need to…

15 techniques to grow your email subscribers

It's often easy to neglect your email list when there's a push to grow fans and followers on the social networks. But it's worth working on boosting email subscriptions too since email subscribers often have a strong level of trust in your content and brand. It's also easier to target them more easily with relevant offers based on their preferences and past behaviour. It’s often your email subscribers who convert to sale at a much higher rate than other sources of web traffic; they are most likely a significant segment of your buyers. It makes sense to focus on getting sign-ups to an email list. "Traffic" is less useful unless you're confident of the source and that you can convert it, to something. Email traffic is a strong source of warm traffic. [si_guide_block id="68716" title="Access Expert Member resource – Lead capture and audience profiling module" description="In…

A case study showing how Lucky Voice doubled the size of their email list

Having more people to market to is better, it’s a "no brainer". Of course I don’t mean bulking up an email database with poor quality data. I’m talking about more customers and potential customers who want to hear from you. Good quality permission-based data that maintains your delivery reputation and converts into revenue. Lucky Voice shared with me nine list growth strategies that worked for them. They've also been good enough to share some numbers that showed how the tactics worked.  Plus, as a bonus they shared a couple of strategies that didn’t work. The insight from what doesn’t work is just as insightful as to knowing what does, so read on to find out what was learnt from success and failure. [si_guide_block id="68716" title="Access Expert Member resource – Lead capture and audience profiling module" description="In this topic we’ll…

Techniques to optimize opt-in rates for subscribers

Engaged subscribers are the centre of all successful email campaigns. Most marketers find it challenging to build a long list of subscribers and retain it over a period of time with the similar engagement and response rate. Given the inevitable unsubscribes from any list and some list members becoming inactive, maximizing opt-in is important to keep a list growing. To summarize the techniques available to maximize opt-in EmailMonks teamed up with GetResponse to show methods to convert more visitors into subscribers with a better opt-in strategy.

It’s the time for most brands to have an immaculate opt-in workflow – here’s why?

According to one of the reports from Statista, overall website traffic has increased more than three-fold in the past 10 years. Moreover, only 9% of brands are utilising opt-in optimally. With so many visitors coming to your site, it is quite easy to build and grow…

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