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How Video marketing helps customers choose and convert

Author's avatar By Susanne Colwyn 09 Apr, 2013
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Mystery shopping survey on consumer sentiment towards videos

In our new guide to video marketing we show how video marketing can help support marketing goals using examples from across B2B and B2C sectors. In consumer retail it's recognised that videos can have a dramatic impact in some categories. For example, the well known Zappos video conversion test that saw employee demonstration videos yield a sales impact of +6 to +30%. But how do consumers perceive video marketing and what are they looking for? There are useful insights in this research from Etailing Group and Invodo who carried out a Mystery Shopping Survey to draw out ‘consumers use of sentiment towards video with delivering superior shopping experience via video'.

It probed questions to look into video consumption, what consumers expect from videos, how it affects their purchasing, where they want to view the videos and the platforms they are using to watch them.

So who responded? 1,073 consumers completed the online surveyed, shopped 4+ times in the past year (spending at least 250 dollars), 52 Female vs 48% male and all owned a smartphone.

Insight into the video survey findings

  • Videos on the product page

Q How does videos help purchasing?

The product page is where consumers like to see the videos, as they feel 'the demonstration brings it to life'. 78% expect to see it on the product page and 71% stated it helped them understand the product in more detail.

Videos helping product purchase

  • Consumers engagement with videos

Q Consumers willing to watch videos for longer?

35% of respondents would watch the videos ‘most or all of the time’ on a website, 5% increase on the previous year.

length time watch video

Respondents also indicated they will watch videos at least twice before purchasing products such as appliances or consumer electronics.

Number times view the video

The full report can be accessed from Invodo. We hope this post can help you make the case for more use of video!

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By Susanne Colwyn

Susanne is a Marketing Consultant and Trainer, with over 20 years marketing experience in the public and private sector. She's passionate about supporting companies with practical result driven marketing, to help focus companies on evaluating and driving their marketing forward. Experienced in Integrated Strategic Marketing Planning, Data Segmentation, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Customer Insight and reviewing internal systems, data and processes, to maximise conversion strategies and the customer experience. You can connect with her via her LinkedIn or follow her @Qtymarketing.

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