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3 online brand building strategies for consumer branded goods

Author's avatar By Dave Chaffey 29 May, 2022
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Find new brand building strategies to delight your customers online with our RACE Growth System

Consumer branded goods marketing is all about reaching and delighting your customers in a time and place that suits them. Increasingly, consumer goods marketers are turning to online and social media marketing for brand-building strategies.

B2C marketing is an ever-evolving discipline, because customers' tastes and expectations are, naturally, always developing. With the rapid digitalization we've seen particularly over the last 2 years, the change of pace is faster, and it can be hard for marketers to keep up.

Moreover, in a competitive marketplace, businesses are struggling with the challenge of growing their brand alongside also generating leads and sales. A large market share doesn't necessarily translate into a high turnover if you can't move prospects down your marketing funnel.

Optimize your consumer branded goods marketing funnel with our RACE Growth System

Without a structured marketing strategy in place, many consumer-facing businesses are finding themselves losing customers, or missing opportunities that could increase their ROI. That's why we recommend utilizing the RACE Framework to plan, manage, and optimize your marketing strategy.

Race Planning Framework

Our simple 5-step strategy framework for marketing leaders breaks down data-driven marketing into a streamlined sales funnel, taking prospects from point of discovery to conversion and repeat purchase.

You can use our RACE Growth System, and our recommended integrated branding tools, to drive results at each stage of your customers' decision-making journeys. Find out more.

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3 brand building strategies that attract high-value customers

The key to building a brand that performs is strategizing your 'reach' tactics to make sure you attract the right customers. With unprecedented levels of digital data and segmentation available for marketers right now, the good news is that has never been easier. In this blog we recommend 3 brand building strategies for businesses looking for growth:

  1. Social commerce
  2. User-generated content
  3. Shoppable marketing

1. What is social commerce for brands?

Social commerce is the environment where social media meets e-commerce. Rather than simply being used for marketing, social commerce allows the sale to take place on social media platforms.

It transforms social from a channel largely used for discovery to a sales channel, primed to encourage purchases. This is a big deal for marketers looking to build their brand on social, and a great opportunity to track and convert ROI from the social media channel.

Why is it important?

Finder research shows that 2020 saw a 21% uplift in time spent on social media in 2020 attributed to the product discovery element.

Between 2021 and 2028, the global market is expected to grow by 28% a year to almost $3.4 trillion, so it is definitely a trend for brands to understand.

Social brand discovery

Moreover, in June 2021, 48% of US social media users reported having bought something via a social media platform in the previous 12 months.

Social media consumer brand purchases

Looking for brand building strategies?

Find out more about the social media sales funnel in our Learning Path module 'A planned approach to social media marketing'. This module will help you identify the benefits of a more planned approach to social media marketing, and define the relevant stages of a social media plan.

Core Module
Create a social media strategy

Create a social media strategy

Part of the Social media marketing Toolkit

Learn how to structure a social media strategy and translate it into practical actions to improve your goals

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2. What is user-generated content for brands?

User-generated content (UGC) is not an approach for brands to post rich, engaging content to drive interest amongst potential purchasers as part of a joined-up digital strategy.

For marketers wanting to build their brand on social media, however, user-generated content is the Holy Grail. This is particularly important for industries where consumers have low trust in crafted brand messaging.

By incorporating video into more communications, it conveys a perception that the brand is open to conversation. Using UGC allows consumers to see their peers using or interacting with a product in a way that they would like to.

A dedicated hashtag is an obvious way to encourage UGC, making it clear across communications touchpoints how users can share directly with the brand.

Why is it important?

Did you know, more than 92% of consumers trust earned media more than other forms of advertising?

UCG brands trust

Consumers are skeptical about polished marketing messages, whereas UGC shows authenticity. Authenticity is a key trend in consumer marketing, whether it is values such as sustainability, localness, or social conscience, it’s a big pull for today’s consumer.

GoPro's Instagram feed is flooded with UGC images, all using the brand hashtag. The images that are collated and used are high quality, on-brand, and show the benefits of the product without costing a penny.

Brand consumer branded content

Looking for brand building strategies?

When planning media for your brand building strategies, divide your content between paid, owned, and earned - UCG sits clearly in the 'earned' media category, but there are other ways to gain other earned activity too.

Learn more about earned media, UCG, and working with influencers to truly enhance your marketing activities at each stage of your funnel. Check out our Learning Path module 'Influencer marketing'.

Core Module
Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

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Learn how to improve your process of influencer relationship management

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What is shoppable marketing for brands?

Shoppable marketing means combining your key messages with marketing technology that makes it as easy as possible for customers to 'shop' for your consumer-branded goods any time any place.

Shoppable social media channels means your customers can discover, interact with, and purchase all in the same place. For example, shoppable Instagram feeds facilitate an end-to-end conversion journey:

  • Instagram shops: A customizable storefront that lets people shop directly on business profiles.
  • Instagram shopping Tags: Tags that feature products from a catalogue can direct customers to purchase those products from a website or in-app.
  • Instagram shop in Explore: A tab in Explore that lets people browse tagged shoppable content from brands and creators.
  • Instagram collections: A set of products that businesses can curate for their shop to help customers find the products they love.
  • Instagram Product Detail Page: A product-focused page showing relevant information for an item, such as pricing and product descriptions. These details are pulled from your product catalogue.
  • Instagram ads with Product Tags: Businesses can create new ads with product tags or boost existing shopping posts in Ads Manager and the Instagram app, to increase the reach of their shoppable content. These ads drive conversions, link clicks and engagement.

Currently, these features are available across most territories, but checkout is only available to customers in the US and a select number of businesses.

Instagram shopping

Why is it important?

Instagram shopping and other shopable social media cannot be ignored if you want to maintain market share for your brand:

  • 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month
  • More than 50% of Instagram accounts use Explore every month
  • 55% of fashion shoppers have made a purchase based on a n Instagram creator's post

What next?

Each of the main social media platforms has developed their social shopping offering. There are also other tools available too. Find out more below.

PopShop Live - Brands can create a popup store, curate inventory, schedule and host live shows from anywhere using their smartphones.

Amazon Live - Brands and influencers can use Amazon Live to connect with interested shoppers in real-time via interactive shoppable videos.

MikMak – A multichannel marketing platform with an in-built ‘where to buy’ feature that links shoppers to more than 200 retailers. Users can checkout without leaving the platform, creating a seamless shopping experience.

Buywith - A video shopping platform that lets influencers shop with their followers using screen sharing. Buywith is a collaborative shopping experience using screen sharing, text, or video chat.

Brand building strategies to increase ROI in 2022

If you're looking to grow your consumer branded goods company, these 3 strategies will help ensure you are reaching and converting high-value customers for your brand.

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Can your branded consumer goods business compete online?

With so much competition, you need to stand out

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