Chart of the Day: Task that are likely to be taken by AI

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming something set to take jobs in many industries such as finance, automotive, engineering and even medicine. Only recently has it started to worry marketers from around the globe. There are many subsectors in which it has turned heads with data and market research certainly leading the field. When your job is looking for trends in computer data of any type then AI is most likely going to be putting your role at risk. This chart shows us what areas market researchers feel are threatened the most. 250 market research decision-makers asked whether several sectors would be taken over in 5 or 10 years. 9/10 decision-makers believe that artificial intelligence will have a significant impact within 5 years. Although, they are not agreed on which way that this impact will…

With more businesses using Facebook Messenger for marketing, brands are also starting to take advantage of Messenger for surveys and research too

I'm always on the lookout for new ways of conducting research with users and customers and one study which caught my eye was how Liberal Democrats are using Facebook Messenger to run a survey. Liberal Democrats are a political party in the UK, we don't support any particular political party, this just personally caught my attention. They paid for sponsored ads, creating a specific "Lib Dems Listen" messenger account and then ran an automated survey. There are great advantages to conducting surveys in this way, firstly like any survey, it's automated but it's also much more conversational and it helps to engage with users who may be tired of taking traditional surveys, thus response rate technically should be higher. Customers always…

The best tools for understanding your online customers, competitors and campaign effectiveness?

I find that when running training courses, the tools I recommend to help marketers are always popular, especially the free tools... On courses, I'm oftenasked for a list of “essential tools” for digital marketing, so here they are… 2018 update: I originally created this list in 2012, but keep it updated as new tools are released and some tools become paid... We aim to review and compare tools for managing different digital activities on Smart Insights, so we have many of these tools covered in other posts, so I’ll link to these where relevant. There's a diverse mix of free tools available, one of the enjoyable aspects of working in digital marketing today. I’ll start with the most widely used. Please let us know about the “essential free tools” you use in the comments. For many more tools suggestions - check  out…

How digital agencies and consultants can use Discovery on digital marketing projects to improve the value they deliver to their customers

Over the last few years, I have seen an increasing focus amongst agencies on improving their client discovery projects. In this article, I describe a process I recommend to run effective discovery. It can be applied both for onboarding new customers, but also applied for prospects when pitching. The post is aimed at marketing and in particular digital marketing agencies and consultants, but client-side marketing teams looking to review their position in the market may also find it useful. More details on the questions to ask during discovery are available in this client discovery process checklist template I have developed for Expert members. You may also find the brand audit in the Smart Insights Agency Toolkit useful. The term “Discovery” is not used…

Chart of the day: In the latest market research industry GRIT report, 6 in 10 are using online research communities, and over 8 in 10 have an interest in them. All hail the true superhero of market research.

6 in 10 (60%) are using online communities, with over 8 in 10 (82%) showing interest in them and over 2 in 10 (22%) also considering using them. Online research panels are a fast, affordable way of collecting insights from customers and audiences. The GRIT report produced by Greenbook, is a leading market research industry report. The survey also found that mobile first surveys are increasing in popularity and the shocker, text analytics are pretty popular too! It's great to see mobile first surveys are becoming a major source of data collection, with so many people using mobile phones and tablets, survey experience has in previous…

Our recommendations on the top 10 free digital marketing statistics covering secondary data sources for Global, European, UK, US, Asia and Latin America

Online marketers love statistics about digital marketing. Us too. They allow us to review the growth in customer adoption of the latest digital platforms and technologies, make the business case for investment in marketing and allow us to benchmark our growth and performance against competitors. This post is aimed at helping you if you're looking to compile your own stats since we share our experience of 10 of the best, most reliable free and paid sources. Everyone has their favourites, but I thought it would be useful to share the ones that I go back to most often each week as I research the updates for Smart Insights members and readers of my books. We have been keeping this post updated for 5+ years now since the best sources change.…

The better you know your market, the easier it will be to create customers. Fortunately, most people are willing to introduce themselves.

The Internet has given companies unprecedented opportunities. One of the best, without a doubt, is ecommerce personalization. The more you can treat consumers like individuals, the more customers you’ll have. The more loyal they’ll be, too. This is why getting to know the consumers in your market should be one of your company’s top priorities. Treat it as seriously as you would any sales target, and you’ll quickly find that those sales targets become much easier to hit.

Consumers Want to Give Your Company Information

Too often, companies act as though finding out about the consumers within their markets is some herculean challenge. They may even invest in shady tactics to extract their personal information. Yet, according to Accenture,…

Chart of the day: Customers trust traditional channels more than digital channels

Customers indicated they trusted traditional channels such as TV, print, radio and outdoor ads, over digital channels such as search engines, sponsored blog posts and ads on mobile. The research by MarketingSherpa found that digital channels were trusted less than traditional methods when compared.

Satisfied customers are more prepared to engage with a brands digital marketing campaigns

The research also found that satisfied customers engage more with digital channels, they skip fewer pre-roll ads. When compared to unsatisfied customers, they are also less likely to unfollow companies on social media. What causes dissatisfaction? The study also looked at what causes users become unsatisfied, finding that bad customer service is one of the biggest reasons. Users expect to receive quality…

IKEA isn't just innovating in their design process, they are innovating in their customer research approach too

Global home furnishings and meatball brand (IKEA sell 150 million meatballs a year), IKEA of Sweden already innovate in their democratic design approach when producing new products, but now they're taking a leading approach with their customer insights: chatbot surveys. The IKEA concept already works to make their products attractive, functional, sustainable, accessible and affordable. IKEA are the masters of efficiency and it seems that they are working with their research agencies, to take this approach to customer insight. The world of market research and insight has somewhat an obsession with innovation, researchers are always looking for new ways to gain insights, hence big data, online communities, shorter surveys (though I question whether many are actually getting shorter). But in the day to day, researchers tend to stick…

Chart of the day: Market research budgets have been cut whilst marketing budgets are being sustained

Market research (increasingly referred to as "insight") budgets are taking another cut this year, according to research by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, whilst marketing budgets overall have not grown. As few as 8% of respondents signaled growth in their insight budget whilst just over 26% of respondents indicated marketing budget growth. The analysis shows it's the worst prediction for market research in over four years of data collection. One reason for the fall in budget could be that businesses are using non-traditional research methods, doing fewer large-scale annual research projects and instead focusing on more cheaper, innovative techniques, such as the use of research communities, online focus groups and cheaper providers such as Survey Monkey Audience, Ask You Target Market and Toluna Quick Surveys, rather than using…

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