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Marketing Fight Club Round 3

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 09 Feb, 2015
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B2C product landing page discussion for Flaviar

Flaviar gets a landing page makeover.

Welcome to Round 3 of Smart Insights' Marketing Fight Club, where you get 2 different expert opinions on the simplest way to boost sales for a real start-up. Watch the video below to get ideas for simple tweaks that you can apply to your landing page today to improve clarity and increase conversions.

After you watch the video don't forget to vote for the winner of this round in the comments below, and share your thoughts on the strategies discussed. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Stepping into the ring today we have...

Alex Harris - Ecommerce conversion specialist at alexdesigns.com vs Pete Z - Email sales specialist at MAGNETT.co.

Alex and I go head-to-head in this episode to boost sales for Flaviar,  a club for discovering premium spirits, where they send their members small tasting packs so that they don't have to buy expensive full-sized bottles before they try the drink.

We come up with bite-sized changes to their website that better communicate the value of their product, improve the clarity of their message and ultimately increase conversions.

Key lessons in this episode to improve your website landing page

  • 1. Make your offer crystal clear
  • 2. Use your current customers as social proof.
  • 3. Streamline your checkout process - remove all distractions.
  • 4. Tell your customers what they'll save if they buy, or what they'll waste if they don't buy.
  • 5. Tell your customers what countries you ship to up front.

You can apply the same tweaks to your own business too!


Chat with us in the comments below: Do you have any thoughts on the suggested changes? Who won this round?Whose changes do you think will have a higher impact on sales?

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