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How You Can Increase Your Conversion Using Live Chat

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 27 Jul, 2017
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Live chat is a key tool in your CRO arsenal

Generating and capturing leads is one of the best benefits of using live chat on your website. Not only you provide great customer service, responding to customer queries in no time, but you also capture potential visitors by starting a conversation with them.

Why is that? According to LiveChat report, visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers than those who don’t chat; with 61% of those customers converting within the first chat. So starting a chat with potential visitors, drastically increases the chances of turning them into customers.

Did this catch your attention? Check out a few ways live chat can help you increase a conversion on your website.

1) Reach out to visitors by starting a chat with them

You can initiate a conversation with visitors on your website by using greetings. Greetings are automated messages that start a chat with visitors. You can customize them depending on the conditions you want visitors to meet. The more customized greeting you use, the better the chance a visitor will respond to you.

For example, if a visitor returns to your page you can greet them by saying: “Hello, welcome back on our website! Is there anything I can help you with?” Or when they’re checking your pricing page you can display: “Hi, do you need help with choosing the right pricing plan for your needs?” The same with when they’re checking a particular page, let’s say a landing page for a japanese course, for more than 1 minute, you can ask them: "Do you have any questions regarding this course?”

There are tons of ideas and conditions for greetings to make your visitors engaged in a conversation. The choice is yours.

2) Integrate with your CRM system to gather information about visitors

Customizing greetings on your website is as important, as personalizing communication with customers.

To gather information about them you need to integrate live chat with your CRM system. You will see everything you need to know about customers without leaving the app. You will have access to the data collected through chats, including social media profiles information.

When you know your customer's name and where they are from, you can refer to the weather or events that happened in their city, or wish them good night when you know it’s after midnight in their country. It’s all part of personalizing communication and increasing customer satisfaction.  

3) Integrate with email marketing services to send personalized campaigns

Using information about customers is not only useful for communication via chat but also for sending email marketing campaigns.

You can integrate your live chat with email marketing services – they will allow you to add an email opt–in checkbox to your pre–chat survey. Visitors entering your chat would then be able to opt–in for email marketing campaigns. Or you can import customer data from CRM to your email mailing system, for example Get response, iContact, Getresponse, Campaign Monitor, Woopra, Active Campaign or Mailchimp.

Having all this information allows you to segment customers into smaller groups to better suit the communication to their needs. This results in improving open rates of your emails. Depending on how good they are, you’re probably another step closer to increase conversion rate on your website.

4) Gather feedback after each chat by using post–chat surveys

Another great way of increasing conversion on your website is using live chat to gather feedback from customers. You can set up post chat survey and ask if the case was resolved and if they’re satisfied with the professionalism of an agent.

Customers can also rate a chat so you can quickly learn if you should work on providing better customer satisfaction. As you know, the more satisfied customers are, the more loyal they become.

Additionally, a negative feedback is valuable for you because it helps you improve your business. And what is a better gift for future customers than a better product you can offer?

Increasing conversion on your website

Besides providing a great customer service, live chat tool on your website can help you to capture leads and turning them into customers. By gathering information you can personalize communication and better nurture your leads. There’s a lot of potential in it that you just need to discover.


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