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5 Useful New Marketing Tools for 2017

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 14 Mar, 2017
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New tools for outreach, video marketing, market segmentation and more

In the ever-evolving digital world, keeping up with the tricks of the trade is crucial. Marketing is no longer a one-way communication from brands, but a dialogue between brands, customers, influencers and various other stakeholders. To ensure that your brand is a part of this conversation, you need to stay on top of the game with your digital media strategy.

Throughout this year, brands will see a confluence between traditional and digital media channels as there will be parity in the kind of messaging planned for both kinds of outlets. More brands will look for ways to share data from paid media with real-time content across channels in a similar manner.

Further, there will be a greater need to generate more relevant and shareable content for all digital platforms, so that it consistently drives traffic to your landing pages and websites.

Here are the top digital marketing tools that have gained immense popularity and you must use in 2017:

1. JustReachOut

Brand marketing is always in search for endorsers, influencers or people who are happy to talk about the brand. Attaining positive press coverage is always beneficial for any business. However, one challenge most marketers face is identifying the right focus group who are interested in your brand. JustReachOut is the easiest way for businesses and individuals to find and pitch their stories to influencers/reporters based on the best fit for the topic.


When using JustReachOut, marketers simply need to enter the keywords that describe the brand/product. The tool will skim through the Internet to find writers/reporters/bloggers who write on businesses such as yours. Further, it will generate a list with their contact information and help craft a customized pitch.

Cost: JustReachOut offers different packages based on your requirements. The most basic plan is available at USD 65 per month.

2. Videolean

A great video can be the game-changer in product/service marketing. It may be effective in directing attention towards the marketing campaign. But in the modern competitive space, making an engaging video that attracts potential customers can be challenging. Videolean is one marketing tool that can up your game.

Videolean helps you create short promotional videos for your brand without using advanced video editing skills or having to compromise on the quality of the output. Simply select a video template that will work best with your campaign, customize the design and content, and publish the clip.


The best aspect of using this tool is that it offers a host of video templates that can be customized, like an infographic or explainer video. For businesses planning an economical marketing campaign, Videolean is probably a safe bet. You may not even need a video editor or expensive editing softwares to create videos that attract customers.

Cost: Videolean offers various packages based on the number of campaigns you wish to execute. You can opt for packages with or without the facility to upload your own music. Finalize the one which fits your requirements and you are ready to go. The packages start from USD 39 and go up to USD 199 per month.

3. Colibri IO

This email marketing and sales platform can save a lot of time for marketers. Your customers are having numerous conversations online and your brand should be a part of the relevant ones. Colibri IO helps you find those conversations and participate in them.


Colibri IO can help you send email newsletters and other publications where everyone gets the same message. Further, it also puts together a list of conversations that are relevant to your product/service on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other platforms, so you can use that list to find the best discussion to engage with potential customers.

You can even introduce your brand in discussions about your competitors and offer impressive solutions to their customers or appreciate the good work done by your competitors. Colibri IO allows you to contact your prospects and leads directly, and influence their purchase decisions.

Cost: The monthly fee for using this marketing tool ranges between USD 45 and USD 295. You can even purchase the agency subscription, which will offer you greater features at USD 995 per month.

4. Customer.io

Brands should stay in touch with their customers as greater loyalty is key to the brand’s growth. For marketers, a tool like Customer.io can help automate and personalize the conversations that brands have with the target audience.



Among the key features of Customer.io is its ability to send automatic emails to customers based on their choices and clicks on the brand’s website. So, whenever a customer visits your brand’s website, adds something to the shopping cart, but leaves without purchasing it, you can program Customer.io to automatically send a reminder email to the customer about the cart.

Cost: This digital marketing tool offers various packages based on the number of campaigns you wish to execute. You can opt for a free trial for each of these packages before finalizing one. The packages start from USD 100 and go up to USD 1250 per month.

5. Narrow

Various brands are now keen on spending a major portion of their marketing budget on social media promotion. With Narrow, you can identify your target audience on Twitter by simply adding keywords in the form of names of influencers, websites, or hashtags. Based on this, Narrow will highlight the relevant tweets and track the ideal users for your brand. This will increase the exposure of your Twitter account and can help increase your following.


Cost: Narrow has segregated its marketing services into three categories - Basic, Pro and Business. The monthly costs for these packages are USD 19, USD 49, and USD 99 respectively. Go for the free trials before closing the deal.

To Sum Up

As a digital marketer, you need tools to simplify your job. Missing out on any of these effective marketing tools may not have a devastating impact on your brand(s), but can hinder your marketing from getting better.

So, regardless of your plans to spend on the premium digital marketing tools, use the above tools and enhance your brand’s performance. Make sure that you understand the tools well to bring about remarkable improvements in your marketing efforts. Remember, better tools are equivalent to better marketing.

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