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The Content Grid v2 [infographic]

Author's avatar By Danyl Bosomworth 23 Jun, 2011
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A genuine framework to operationalise your inbound (or content) marketing

We're big fans of the marketing that Eloqua do, much of it with designers JESS3, they do inbound/content marketing so well - it's gold standard stuff in terms of best practise. Check out their Revenue Blog, Revenue SlideShare and their Revenue Stream. One of their most popular, highly effective, awareness generating pieces of content (this blog being a case in point) is their Content Grid, which has just had a refresh, see below.

This v2 builds upon the original (see right at the bottom) - illustrating the connection between content type and distribution channel. It now adds on the perspective of the buyer, the concept of a multi-stage conversion funnel, and a comprehensive collection of KPIs, we blogged something related to those KPI's earlier this week for content marketing. As Eloqua remind, “What isn’t measured, isn’t purchased,” we couldn't agree more.

Also - want to create your own infographic? - here's how they did it.

Lovely, content marketing awesomeness from Eloqua, again

If you've not seen their original, award-winning Content Grid infographic below. it seeks to plot content type (yellow) and content distribution channel (red) across the two dimensions of how it should be leveraged (consideration or awareness) and how much of the team or company should be using or creating it.

Worth a ponder - what do you think?

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By Danyl Bosomworth

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