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5 rules for a B2B content marketing strategy

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 17 Oct, 2013
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Bridge the gap in your content marketing

A recent Financial Services Content Marketing survey for the UK found that although over 80 per cent of respondents believe content marketing will be more important over the next 12 months, yet only 41 per cent have a strategy. Research on B2B Content Marketers' use of Content Marketing from the Content Marketing Institute in the United States shows a similar situation with a large proportion not having a documented content marketing strategy:


So, what is required for a successful content marketing strategy? Here are my rules to bridge that gap:

5 Content Marketing Rules

  • 1. It’s not just a tick-box exercise

There’s more to content marketing than just churning out content via every available channel – from Twitter to Pinterest. The greatest ROI comes from mapping a funnel of engagement and taking a customer or prospect on a journey. You need to make the best use of each media at each touch-point.

  • 2. Define your ‘unique content proposition’

The average commuter is targeted by 170 brand messages on the way to work. You need to make sure yours is the one they’ll remember.  our competition for attention isn’t just the brands you know, it's anything your customer pays attention to. Spend some time defining what your customers want to hear from you and where they want to hear it. Talk in a way that embodies your brand and be consistent.

  • 3. Set fire to silos       

Content is often grabbed by different functions with competing objectives. The result is mixed messages and a loss of impact. Create processes and structures to avoid this.

  • 4. Resist ‘shiny kit’ syndrome

A new week, and a new content channel is launched. While many new channels can create opportunities, it’s important to stay neutral on the benefits of new media until you’ve thought them through. Think about your target audience too and whether they actually want to meet you there.

  • 5. Don’t get heavy on the first date

Content marketing should be all about permission. Don’t start off by bombarding your audience but just give them enough to whet their appetite. Leave a breadcrumb trail of content that deepens engagement at each touch-point.

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