A single bad review can have a huge impact on your business, which is why customer service is key. A customer journey map can help improve conversion

Are you facing issues while trying to provide a stellar customer experience? Clearly, the onus is on the businesses to rectify this situation quickly because customer experience has been a cornerstone of business since the very beginning. However, today, the business landscape is growing increasingly competitive. Businesses are doing more than ever to get customers' attention than ever before. [si_guide_block id="86160" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 common website customer experience mistakes" description="This guide reveals examples of poor website design from different sectors which are commonly seen, but best avoided."/] Not so long ago, the need or want for a product meant we were supposed to drive miles to get to a brick and mortar store in order to spend hours looking for the desired product.…

Chart of the Week: 87% of marketing, CX and analytics professionals say good CX is important but only 24% are performing highly at delivering it

Offering a good customer experience (CX) can increase conversion, create return customers and turn consumers into brand advocates, all of which benefit your brand. It’s no surprise then that 87% of CX, marketing and analytics professionals say that customer experience is very or extremely important to their organization. According to Pointillist’s new research, only 2% of respondents said that it is not important (with 11% saying it is somewhat important), highlighting the need to make CX a focus of your business and marketing plans over the next 12 months. [si_guide_block id="37500" title="Download our Business Resource – Managing customer data to improve marketing ROI" description="In this guide, we'll explain the key aspects of…

Creating a website with the right feeling, or one that hits the right note with your target audience takes research, insight and quite a lot of practice

User experience describes how a person feels when interacting with technology. It’s a simple enough concept, but online business owners the world over so often get it wrong. Creating a website with the right feeling, or one that hits the right note with your target audience takes research, insight and quite a lot of practice. It means asking questions like: 'Are my users able to navigate around my site easily?' 'Can they find everything they want within a few seconds?' 'Are they being distracted by confusing design features?' 'Are they frustrated by hidden information?' But exactly how important is user-experience and how can you ensure your website is up to scratch? In this brief blog, I’ll provide you with the answers.

How important is user experience?

Creating captivating designs…

Your ultimate guide to creating a user journey map with step-by-step instructions, a template, and an example to follow

Creating a user journey map has many benefits for both your users and your team. A journey map will help you discover friction points for the user and opportunities to improve user experience. Ultimately, you’ll discover opportunities to increase engagement and build customer loyalty. The process of creating a user journey map will help foster team alignment, clarify priorities and surface opportunities for increased revenue or saved customer service costs. Creating a journey map means that you’re prioritizing user experience as a means to create long-term value. [si_guide_block id="83545" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Persona research guide" description="This guide will help you build personas using the most appropriate research techniques. The research doesn't need to be lengthy or costly, as this guide explains."/]

Template to use

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of jumping straight…

When customers feel an emotional connection to a brand, the lifetime value of that customer can increase by 300%

There is so much more to success in business than a profitable bottom line. Unfortunately, many marketing teams and sales departments get so wrapped up in hitting goals and increasing conversion rates that they forget about the most important part of creating a great brand: the customer-business relationship. Often, the reason that a customer comes back to buy from your business is the perception they have about your brand. If their experience was positive and they enjoyed your product, there is very little convincing needed to get them to convert once again. This is why cultivating meaningful relationships with customers is so important. In fact, when customers feel an emotional connection to a brand, the lifetime value of that customer can increase by 300% and they are far more likely…

You have holes in your funnel to fill - here is how  you can fix them

A lot of marketing attention these days is given to acquiring website traffic - organic, paid and social - and many companies and agencies have done a great job at this. But, since growing revenues and creating brand advocates are the main goals of most businesses, an equal amount of your attention should be focused on converting this traffic - convincing these visitors to take the conversion actions you want them to. The metaphor I like best in this context is the leaky bucket. The bucket represents your sales funnel, and the holes represent visitors ‘leaking out’ before they should. The implication for your e-commerce business: you need to fill these holes, starting with the larger ones, as fast and as permanently as possible. But how can you…

Chart of the day: customers expect more personalized experiences according to businesses and that's why they are prioritising improving CX

Customer Experience (CX) improvements are being led by customers wanting more personalized experiences according to new research. Customer expectations are essentially driving CX prioritisation. 7 in 10 businesses said they were improving CX because customers expect more personalization, whilst 6 in 10 simply said they want to improve customer loyalty, which makes sense, we all want loyal customers! I think they are right though, customers expect far more personalization and many businesses are still not personalizing the experience for customers. It's great to see that businesses realise that customers have a desire for personalized experiences, but now they are expecting this and therefore it's important that businesses start to prioritize this and act fast. You'll notice the least concern was competitors delivering a better experience,…

The EAST framework combines behavioural economics with other sciences and psychology to truly understand and influence behaviour change

Behavioural economics is nothing new in marketing, having been a fundamental industry discipline for the past few decades, but there's a new kid in town and it's behavioural economics, supercharged. Behavioural Insights (BI) has long been a tool for Government departments to improve the design and implementation of public policy, with its umbrella spanning research into behavioural economics, sciences and psychology. Its aim is to understand and influence behaviour change among citizens by: Simplifying processes Removing unnecessary steps Making services more user-friendly We think it translates perfectly into marketing too when improving and enhancing customer experience.

Nudge and learn – a winning approach

Much like in conversion rate optimisation (CRO), services are streamlined by testing subtle changes to the design, content, timings, and navigation of websites, letters, emails, forms and other methods of communication with citizens. Something as simple as changing…

Chart of the Day: Personas, Journey mapping, AB testing, VoC or NPS, which do you use?

From our research on managing digital marketing it's clear that there is a major challenge for many marketers of creating integrated strategies and communications plans. From a customer point-of-view there is also likely to be a poor experience if their customer journeys are unclear or restricted by the inability of brands to integrate their communications and experiences. Since improving your customer journey can be one of the most effective ways to boost online leads and sales, we asked respondents which analysis techniques their businesses were using to research and improve the effectiveness of their customer journey. You can see that using customer personas and customer journey mapping has become a popular approach which is great to see. Improved focus on customers can only be a good thing, both for businesses and…

Mapping the customer journey more accurately using surveys

In today’s highly competitive market, where product quality is not sufficient to get ahead, customer service becomes a key part of a company’s strategy. Consequently, the organization which successfully maintains the best relationship with its customers manages the best returns in terms of income. As a result, companies have placed a new focus on understanding their customers in order to better their service, product or image. One of the main tools they use is the customer journey map. A customer journey map, usually represented in a graphic and visual manner, is an interpretation of the entire experience that an individual has with a company, product or brand over time.

Mapping Out the Journey

Mapping out the interactions and experiences a customer has with a certain brand or product is only half the work that a customer journey map involves. After identifying all of the stages, from the…

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