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Coca-Cola prove that sounds - or a lack thereof - can produce powerful results in advertising

“Try not to hear this” is the tempting message behind this campaign, and you’d be hard pressed to find many consumers capable of doing so. Coca-Cola’s latest campaign reminds us all of the position this brand occupies not just in the market, but in our own subconscious. All that’s required to hear the satisfying sound that precedes the experience of drinking Coca-Cola is catching sight of one of the three print ads that make up this series: The popping of a bottle cap from a glass bottle of Coca-Cola The fizzle of a freshly poured glass of the drink …

It takes guts to make your brand stand out from competitors, so be different

In 2006, Dos Equis used a different ad campaign approach to selling beer. Instead of positioning their product as a must-have for getting the attention of attractive women, Dos Equis turned their beer into something that promoted distinction and curiosity. What makes people buy? The best advertising campaigns are able to invoke an emotional response from consumers, connect, and engage with them at their core. A product rarely achieves advertising success based solely on merit. The best marketing and ad campaigns psychologically and emotionally create a response in all of us. With the growth of the internet and social media, brands are constantly fighting over the attention of consumers. To make your product or brand stand out you must get creative, and that is exactly what Dos Equis did.

The play

It was created…

Recent successful marketing campaigns to inspire your marketing efforts

Launching a contemporary digital marketing campaign can be tricky and involves several layers of integration. What makes a campaign contemporary is its use of new and innovative digital channels and how you use these alongside more traditional methods of marketing. In order for your campaign to be successful, it needs to have an emotional connection with your audience and consistent messaging across each channel. You may want to consider Pickton and Broderick’s 4 Cs 'Coherence, Consistency, Continuity and Complementary. You can read more about these here. We have put together some great examples of successful contemporary digital marketing campaigns, to help inspire your own campaigns.

O2 - #FollowtheRabbit

The #FollowTheRabbit campaign recently launched by O2 aims to represent curiosity. The campaign will include TV, mobile, live events and Social media. It will also feature O2’s first Snapchat lens and geo-targeted filters. This campaign introduces…

Pepsi's terrible ad shows the dangers of in-house agencies and leaving creativity to non-experts.

Last week the ad world was all of a flutter over an ad by Pepsi starring Kendall Jenner. It is probably the worst ad you will see this year. (A competitive field, to be sure). Or indeed you may never see it, as Pepsi have quite rightly pulled the ad and apologized to everyone involved including Kendall Jenner for “putting her in this position.” How did a global brand like Pepsi put themselves into this position? The ad it screened is so culturally tone-deaf that Saturday Night Live have done a skit about it and everyone is laughing at them. Pepsi made one simple, but very significant mistake. They thought anyone could make creative work. They were so very, very wrong. Have you seen the ad? It’s hilariously bad. In case you were on vacation last week, here’s how it goes: for…

 Ideas on getting more creative in our marketing

What makes the difference between a good company, and a great one? Creativity. Fostering a culture of creativity in your business and your life will allow greater innovation, more effective problem solving, and a genuine competitive edge. When technology has made certain skills a commodity, it’s the creative, individual human elements that distinguish a successful business.

How to drive your creative marketing?

If you’re looking to inject some creativity into your life and your business environment, then take note. 1. Make your time work for you William Blake, visionary poet and inspiration for many a creative type, put it simply: 'Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.' Figure out how your brain and body’s natural rhythms work, and as best you can, listen to them and work with them rather than fight against them. Plan your day around your own…

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Yes, even now Christmas is being hijacked by people like me - hence the headline. And it’s this marketing exercise of Christmas that especially fascinates me. The marketing started in 300AD when in the Rome of the Emperor Constantine (recently converted to Christianity) the celebration of Christ’s birth was made to coincide with Saturnalia. The feel- good of a great blow-out got the Christian bandwagon rolling along nicely.   This coincidence of celebrating Christ’s birth and roll-out-the barrel party time continued happily until typically the mean old sod, Mr Austerity Cromwell banned Christmas. Back to normal and a lot more when Charles 11 returned to England. Enter the four great apostles of Christmas early in the 19th century, first Washington Irving…

 Halloween marketing party tricks - you are never too old

The holidays are coming. However, holiday shopping no longer waits until Black Friday or even the month of November to get underway. Instead, to get ahead of this holiday season, smart businesses must consider their marketing kick-offs much earlier. This makes Halloween an excellent starting point for the 2014 holiday season. Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore whichever country you're planning your Halloween campaigns for. In fact, according to the US National Retail Federation, 71.5% of adults plan to celebrate or otherwise participate in Halloween-related activities this year. This means that there’s no specific demographic for Halloween, and chances are you can profit from this knowledge.

Ideas for marketing Halloween

Is your business ready? Looking for ways to incorporate Halloween into your company’s marketing strategy? Look no farther. Check out…

Bringing ideas to life - developing the perfect process for content ideation

"Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change." Barbara Januszkiewicz Ideas are the lifeblood of campaigns and the content strategy to support them. Creating brilliant ideas and developing them into unique and appealing content is what marketing campaigns have used to generate audiences for years, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. The value of the creative process is something we recognize and respect at Zazzle Media, which is why we spend hours – many, many hours – honing that process. In this post, we'll describe 12 process steps to consider as part of content ideation. But contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot more to producing fantastic ideas than huddling together crossed-legged in a Zen-like state, shouting random ideas at each other during a wacky brainstorm session.  Adopting the structured approach this article suggests will help produce consistent results across the board, whatever…

Examples of creative content ideas show it is possible

Compelling content is the key to successful marketing. You know that. Your boss knows that. So why are so many marketers still half-hearing it? Folks who work in 'boring' industries have an added challenge. Let’s say you are a marketing specialist in insurance or for a mortgage bank. Even if your company and services are important, these topics have snoozefest written all over them. The good news is that there are some simple tactics you can use to make your marketing campaigns more exciting.

Create a Voice with an Attitude

Creating a brand voice is nothing new or at least it shouldn’t be if you write content for your company! Some of the most influential brands have created strong voices that their audiences connect with. Just think of some of today’s largest companies - Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Apple. You…

Making your brand promises matter

"Move from [product] differentiation to actually making a difference" Umair Haque, the director of the Havas Media Labs and Harvard Business Review blogger

Earning your way into a consumer's heart is something that we know is important. Helping consumers feel something positive is the goal, convincing someone of purchase can only be an easier win as a result, surely?

The case for this being important, I think we'd agree, has never been as strong, when so much of marketing success hinges on forming connections with consumers, earning even seconds of their valuable time.

This at a time when despite the billions of £/$'s spent on marketing, Haque's latest report states that consumers just don't care - 73% of people don't care if the brands in their life disappeared tomorrow. Ouch, and yet so obvious. If consumers are that indifferent, then we have to make them feel, we have to…

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