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Businesses have begun using advanced business texting tools to send messages through channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger, ultimately bridging the gap between getting leads and engaging with them.

It has become increasingly easy to acquire leads through online marketing channels, particularly social media channels like Facebook and SEM channels like AdWords. Facebook is an especially good example of a business-friendly e-marketing channel. Some 78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy on Facebook and the average Facebook user clicks on eight ads per month. [si_guide_block id="33674" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – B2C marketing automation best practices guide" description="This guide to marketing automation best practices for consumer markets will help you review your requirements for marketing automation, select the best vendor and create or review your lead generation and nurturing programme."/] Google Ads is another example of a trusty e-marketing tool for both businesses and consumers. …

Deep linking is an effective way to drive consumers to your app, improving user acquisition and user retention.

Consumers are using mobile phones for just about everything nowadays, which makes deep linking a beneficial strategy for you to use. Deep linking is a way to drive them back to your app. It provides a strong partnership between developers and mobile marketers in order to improve user acquisition and user retention. When you think of deep-sea diving, what comes to mind? You are in an ocean of darkness, away from the surface, heading down towards the bottom - your actual destination. However, when you have no sense of direction, you can easily get lost or get distracted while taking in the beautiful marine life. [si_guide_block id="80207" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 business-limiting SEO mistakes" description="To help you get to grips with SEO best practice, this guide takes a look at some of the…

Best practice UX, UI and design principles from inside and outside the world of financial services

Finance is something that affects all of us is one way or another nearly every day of our lives. As the internet has continued to grow and give rise to new platforms, mainstream banks and emerging players alike are giving consumers more choice than ever to bank, save and manage their finances online. [si_guide_block id="82017" title="Download our Business Resource – Financial services marketing trends guide" description="In this guide, we examine the key trends, customer behaviours and new digital innovations which are shaping the future of the financial services (FS) sector."/] Mobile, in particular, has opened up many new opportunities to interact with our finances. At the touch of a button (or fingerprint), we can pay for things on the go (e.g. Apple Pay), make quick and easy payments, manage our budget and review spending by category: …

A successful mobile app can help provide a better user experience but also help your business. Here are five ingredients you need to make your app successful

The continuing growth of mobile has transformed our relationship with the web. What was once a space dominated by desktop is now very much mobile-first, with some countries seeing more than four times higher smartphone versus desktop audience.

[caption id="attachment_136176" align="alignnone" width="640"] [Image Source: Comscore][/caption]In the UK, the majority (62%) of time spent on the internet is on mobile devices, and at least 78% of adults now own a smartphone. [caption id="attachment_136177" align="alignnone" width="640"] [Image source: Ofcom][/caption]However, the role of desktop is by no means redundant. Data from Comscore shows that the majority of…

Suggestions and best practices from finance, travel, real estate and retail

Creating a compelling user experience (UX) is essential for any website. Whether you’re working in retail, finance, travel or real estate, UX is important to fulfil the user's needs and provide a positive experience that keeps people loyal to the brand. The increasingly mobile nature of web experiences today means that UX has become more important than ever. After looking at several hundred sites, Google has developed a series of UX playbooks, tailored for different sectors. Google realized that there were certain universal UX elements that helped create a frictionless shopping experience for users and have identified key best practices and principles. [si_guide_block id="38757" title="Download our Business Resource – E-commerce design pattern guide" description="We created this guide to give our members a definitive reference of best practice for the design of key website page templates essential in retail e-commerce websites."/] All…

Effective customer engagement requires making your customers an integral part of brand creation and not just seeing them as a means of revenue generation

The first short message system (SMS) message was sent in 1992 and the first phone with texting capabilities was released by Nokia the following year. Given the digital communication technologies introduced since then - voice over internet protocol (VoiP), video streaming, and social media - it may be tempting to discount the potential of the humble text message. You do this at your own peril. After all, SMS response rates are 209% higher than email, Facebook or even phone calls. That's because 94% of text messages are read and recipients typically respond to them within 90 seconds. In addition, when comparing SMS messages to mobile ads, SMS wins every time. Half again as many recipients immediately purchase…

Qualified leads are your lifeblood, so here are three ways to capture more leads on your mobile landing pages

Qualified leads - in the form of emails you have captured and nurtured enough to effectively sell to - are the lifeblood of your business. Whatever your current traffic level reality, you need to capture more of these emails. What you need to do leading up to your email forms is key, because it’s these copywriting, form presentations and calls to action (CTAs) that will grab your visitors’ attention and get them to take the next step. Better yet, you’ll be distancing yourself from competitors who don’t yet understand and apply these fundamentals. [si_guide_block id="125214" title="Download our Premium Resource – Mobile SEO guide" description="This guide will give you a through breakdown of everything you need to know about mobile SEO. It explains different ways to configure websites, important design principles to follow, and how to…

Small business marketers need to sit up and pay attention to the latest mobile design options

Technology has revolutionized communication and changed the face of doing business in modern times. Computers, Tablets, and Smartphone which were initially used to surf the net, stream videos and chat online have become key business tools. Mobile is becoming ever more crucial now that it accounts for over half of all web traffic. But how does a small business use the latest mobile design to grow its business? The answer to this question is determined by two factors: Increase in popularity of Social Media The development of more capable Smartphones Facebook, the most popular social network worldwide has 1.71 billion monthly active users across the world, according to the latest statistics. The other factor hinges on the improvement of mobile design evident in the…

With desktops relegated strictly to the workplace, nearly every other online activity is accomplished with ease on mobile devices

When the average American spends over five hours glued to their smartphone every day, you know that it’s become their primary “screen”. That’s 2.5x time spent on mobile than desktops per month. With desktops relegated strictly to the workplace, nearly every other online activity is accomplished with ease on mobile devices. It all started innocuously enough, with mobile searches overtaking desktop searches on Google, way back in 2015. By October 2016, mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic worldwide for the first time ever with 51.3% of all traffic from mobile. That figure has been blown out of the water today, with a whopping 73% of online traffic now coming from mobile devices according to data collected from the network. [si_guide_block id="87688" title="Download…

Some mistakes are so common they often get ignored by the mobile app development companies on the pretext of aspiring to provide something unique or different to the users

Did you know that by 2020 mobile apps are projected to generate $188.9 billion in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising? The data published by Statistica highlights how the mobile app market is growing and shows that there is a big chance for small and mid-scale companies to capitalize on the profusely growing mobile app market. [si_guide_block id="125214" title="Download our Premium Resource – Mobile SEO guide" description="To help you learn the actions you need to take to follow Google's changes, this guide will give you a through breakdown of everything you need to know about mobile SEO."/] Though the data highlights the growth and exposes some of the opportunities available, some data also shows a decline in mobile app usage. According to AppsFlyer,…

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