Chart of the day: New research highlights activities from the top performers

Joe Pullizzi and team over at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) have been doing a great job in tracking trends in content marketing over the years. I still think of content marketing as a relatively new label for a marketing technique that has existed as long as print (see this video history of how content marketing has evolved from 1895). Yet it’s now ten years since I first read ‘Get Content, Get Customers’ by Joe, which was the first call-to-action to modern content marketing that started the latest trend.

Content marketing management trends for 2019

The latest trends and success factors for the year ahead are highlighted in this research, which focuses on B2B marketer responses, but highlights content marketing strategy success factors relevant for many other organisations. These are highlighted by categorisation of respondents by ‘top performers’ who characterizes his…

Chart of the Day: Shopping moves away from retailers after the first purchase

If your company sells products that lend themselves to repeat purchases, your marketplace visibility is essential. Cars, laptops, and suits may be more one-off buys (unless you’re of a particularly affluent persuasion), but when customers want small items, they opt for online marketplaces over retailers and buying directly from brands. Research from Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient found that 87% of people begin their search for a product on digital channels, up 16% from last year. When asked where this search starts, 28% of people prefer to start with Amazon, though 48% of people prefer Google (a large increase from 17% of people last year). When searching for products for the first time, it would seem that the public prefers to find a retailer through Google, and then browse marketplaces for…

Chart of the Day: Research shows the most popular measurements and KPIs for email marketing evaluation

I’ve been taking a look at the latest trends in email marketing based on the DMA Email tracker in advance of speaking at the Email Innovations Summit at Data-driven business later in the month. Since the focus is data or insights-driven business, I was interested to see how evaluation of email marketing has moved on (or not). I like the DMA email tracker report since it asks respondents to a survey to give an estimate of the average ROI of email marketing. This always shows the power of email marketing as a relatively low-cost responsive medium which drives results in many industry sectors... In 2018, the ROI of email marketing is £32.28 for every £1 spent, up from £30.03 last year.

Metrics and KPIs used to evaluate email marketing

Digging into the details of how email marketing is evaluated,…

Chart of the Day: Brand loyalty is alive, but customers have expectations

Everyone wants to create brand loyalty with their customers. It means that you’ve become a go-to brand for their needs and that customers will choose your products over competitive offers and sometimes technically-superior models from other brands. Nintendo is one of the biggest companies that rely on brand loyalty. They’ve rarely had the most powerful games consoles on the market (Sony and Microsoft constantly duelling for that honour), but Nintendo fans know that Mario and Zelda titles are only available on Nintendo consoles, so they remain loyal. I will personally ride for Nintendo to the end of my days thanks to their great games I have enjoyed throughout my life (even if they also made the Wii U). While brand loyalty is a goal for many retailers, it can be tough to know just how many purchases it takes from a…

Chart of the Day: What are the success factors for improving sales and marketing alignment

This research from the Content Marketing Institute and LinkedIn shows how the continuing popularity of content marketing in business-to-business (B2B) marketing has highlighted common flaws in the way organisations are structured to manage their content marketing. The report starts by showing how changing buyer behaviour has demanded an increased focus on content marketing since, of prospective buyers: 92% start with an information search 53% find that going online and researching is superior to interacting with a salesperson 75% depend on social networks to learn about different vendors 90% won’t take a cold calling The report goes on to compare the performance of highly aligned sales and marketing teams with less well aligned teams. Across the board, the highly aligned content marketing and sales teams collaborate far more frequently than the low aligned. This chart reviews these success factors for alignment…

Chart of the Day: Public are largely unfamiliar with purchasing through chatbots

Chatbots are a viable option for companies who want to be ever-accessible to their customers. Able to help with common problems such as late deliveries or changing profile information, chatbots can always elevate more complex tasks to a human representative if need be. One task that customers aren’t ready to trust chatbots with is making a purchase. Research by SUMO Heavy has found that just 11% of people have tried making a purchase through a chatbot, with just 5% saying they would do so again. A quarter of people said they were not open to trying it and 43% said they were unfamiliar with the concept altogether. When reading this data, it's important to distinguish the different platforms that chatbots can be provided through. Chat services available directly on a…

Chart of the Day: The most effective content types for lead generation

The internet has matured to become a highly competitive landscape. Sales teams rely on marketers to produce even more, and better-qualified leads, while marketers rely on designers and developers to bring their vision and content to life. It is an endless cycle that loops from month to month, and from quarter to quarter, always on, always trying to move the needle just that little bit further... As marketers, our primary objective is to identify and reach potential customers, and to nurture those customers from interest and awareness stage, all the way through to becoming paying customers. But how do we get their attention at the optimum time, in a way that resonates? Content Marketing. According to a survey produced by Ascend2 and its Research Partners, a sample of 255 marketing influencers revealed that research reports not only produce the highest number of leads but also has…

Chart of the Day: Almost Half of Young Facebook Users Have Taken A Break From the Platform

Facebook is still the outright leader in terms of social media userbase and frequency of use. The increase has slowed but there are also other areas in which the giant has seen a change in demographical statistics. Pew Research Centre performed a survey to see how the relationship had evolved between in its 18+ US market. The survey took place in the two months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal (May/June 2018) which means that opinions would have been affected. The most surprising stat is that 48% of people said that they have taken a break of several weeks or more within the last year. This shows that the addictive side to platform has wained from its previous heights. At one point FB said half of its users signed in every…

Chart of the Day: Strategies and practical factors that support growth of a business - new research

The Ansoff matrix growth drivers

The Ansoff matrix model is a classic marketing model featured in our free top marketing models guide. Although developed in the 1960s, Ansoff is still useful for considering, at a top level, the strategic initiatives that a business is taking to increase its competitiveness in a sector through identifying new revenue opportunities. This new research based on the views of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in large US organizations is interesting since it translates the theory of Ansoff into practice, showing how businesses are investing in the four quadrants of Ansoff. You can see that a market penetration strategy of selling existing products or services into existing markets has the largest investment. This is building on existing strengths and is fine, with the…

Chart of the Day: Innovation and market expansion take backseats to refining existing products and services

Research from The CMO Survey shows that American CMOs are heavily focussed on their own markets, rather than broadening into new ones. Asking over 300 marketers about their spending strategies over the last 12 months, companies from all sectors put the majority of their spending on existing products/services in existing markets. Only roughly one-quarter of these marketers’ budgets were put towards new products, with even less going towards their efforts in new markets. This near-tunnel vision is explained when looking at what the CMOs believe their customers see as top priorities for the coming year. ‘Superior product quality’ (33%) and ‘excellent service’ (23%) topped these replies, both seeing increases from 2017, with ‘superior innovation’ coming in at 15% (no increase from 2017). The percentage spend of marketing budgets on…

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