Chart of the Day: What emerging behaviours are consumers showing as they interact with digital assistants and what are the implications for marketers?

At the moment the physical and virtual papers are full of reviews and consumer experiences of the different options for home smart speakers. It's no surprise, since this is one of the biggest trends in tech, with 50+ million voice assistants due to ship in 2018 as I showed in my last article on smart speaker forecasts. We're also seeing emerging research on how consumers are interacting with these speakers which is useful for marketers and brands who are working out how they can potentially interact with audiences. In this article, I share some of the latest consumer research from Google. Here is their research summary. I found the figure that 70% of queries to the Google Assistant are natural language since this shows the increasing importance of optimising…

Chart of the Day: How far towards GDPR compliance are you? Part 1 of 2

Death, taxes and GDPR

I like to think that if Benjamin Frankin was alive today, he would agree that there are now three certainties in life. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in all 28 countries in Europe on 25th May 2018.

But seriously, folks ...

... how compliant are you really? Are you leaving it until the last minute or are you already sorted? Recent research by the IAPP and TrustArc, surveyed nearly 500 privacy professionals in the US and EU have discovered some worrying statistics. 84% of U.S. firms say they’ll be compliant by 25th May, while more than one in four EU organizations don’t have confidence they’ll be fully compliant. This is very alarming. Next week I will be looking at what…

Chart of the Day: How OTAs reach online vacation buyers?

With the rise of online price comparison sites and review sites now offering hotels and flights for purchase, the competition for the ecommerce travel industry has never been so fierce. So what are the top channels for reaching online vacation buyers? Well, new research by Global Web Index shows that there is no one dominant channel that vacation buyers use to research and discover brands online. Therefore a holistic marketing mix of different channels is necessary to reach potential customers at different touch points of the research stage. 46% of respondents stated they discover brands via search engines, this yet only 34% discover vacations via brand/product websites. This shows that your keyword strategy needs to be based on user search queries "cheapest holidays to France" "best places to visit in Australia", rather than branded keywords, in order to rank your site and persuade them to buy.…

Chart of the day: Most shared Facebook content 2017 

Even though there isn’t one single formula for what makes content go viral on social media, it’s crucial for content creators to understand which type of content tends to work well online and therefore, should be pushed across their social channels. Recently, BuzzSumo analyzed two billion articles and posts that were published on Facebook in 2017, and established the top content over the year. Although these viral posts can hardly ever be replicated, such analyses provide insights into viral content creation, through gaining as much positive attention, as quickly as possible, while also engaging with your audience. In the analysis, experts at BuzzSumo found out most of the top posts that went viral were videos, with the exception of only 3 out of 20 top post. The most popular topics in video were: Practical hacks …

Chart of the day: Most marketers are not using Bandit, a CRO testing method.

Most marketers are doing A/B testing, whilst Multivariate testing and Bandit testing, are less used. 

What are the differences between each method?

A/B testing involves testing two versions of a page. There is a challenger and a control (usually the original page if you’re testing a different version against an existing page). Visitors are randomly assigned a version. Tests usually continue until a page (or version) is statistically (and significantly) better than the other. Multivariate testing (MVT) is very similar to A/B testing but involves testing more than two versions Bandit is similar to MVT except, increased traffic is sent to the most successful option, rather than sending equal numbers of visitors to each version. This allows you…

Chart of the Day: Smart digital home assistants are the fastest-growing consumer tech with shipments to surpass 50 million in 2018

With many individuals and families starting 2018 with a new personal digital home assistant in their lives, this research highlights the likely future popularity of these new devices:

The research shows that in 2017, the Amazon Echo devices were the most popular, but with Google Home devices already accounting for around a quarter of sales; an impressive start since they weren't available throughout the year. The prediction considers all the available options from the more established Amazon Echo variants, Google Home assistants, plus Apple's anticipated Home Pod and the Microsoft phone. Although the report is titled 'smart speakers' this is a bit of misnomer since Amazon recently released the Amazon Echo Show which still has speakers true, but is an Echo with…

Chart of the Day: Compare desktop and mobile social media platform reach benchmarks across various counties

In a recent report by Ofcom, 'The international communications market 2017', global comparisons of social media reach has been revealed. The use of social media in marketing is vastly popular because of the potential reach of worldwide customers, and although it's become a 'pay-to-play' arena for most businesses, there is still potential for organic reach if used correctly and strategically. With the vast range of social media platforms readily available for marketers and advertisers to promote their products and services, one of the hardest challenges is determining which platform is best. However, not only do you need to know which platform your target audience is using, but which device they using and what geographical demo-graph is most popular to get a holistic view of where you need to target. All this customer research is vital to achieving…

Chart of the day: Most marketers are running 1-2 Conversion Rate Optimization tests, such as AB testing, every month.

It's worth noting though that around 7% also run 20 or more tests, the majority run no more than 4 tests per month. It's no doubt testing is hugely important to marketers, I don't see to sell anyone the benefit of AB testing or Multivariate testing, but for those who'd like to know the difference, I've summarised below. I've taken the following definitions from Dr David Travis who is a UX consultant, has produced a very popular UX course on Udemy and has a Psychology PhD. The definitions are from his Udemy course. AB testing - a comparison of two designs, tested with live users and a large number of users. You can run tests until you have a "winner" for example, one which outperforms the other one statistically Multivariate testing - where there…

Chart of the day: Data management and marketing technology are the most difficult digital marketing tactics to execute, according to marketers

Data management and Martech require skills, resource and training. With GDPR heading with speed towards marketers, data management is increasingly important. Marketers also realize the potential of what it can bring to their marketing plans. Benefits of increased personalization and marketing automation are becoming clearer. We know a lack of digital skills is also a problem though. Search and social ads were the least difficult digital marketing tactics, email and social media marketing are also much more mastered by marketers than Data management, marketing technology and content marketing. SEO is in the middle as expected, as it takes a lot of work, time and patience - but many are seeing the benefits of it and have SEO strategies which are…

Chart of the Day: These are the 17 most important Google ranking factors + the periodic table of SEO success factors

Yes, 'in the world' might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but do you know what is the most important ranking factor for Google right now? It's long been speculated with extensive ranking factors research, but do we SEOers really know? It's vital to note that this research is based on correlation and not causation and that all aspects of on-page and technical SEO need to done to improve chances of ranking on SERPs.

Direct visits and engagement metrics

According to SEMRush's research 'Ranking Factors 2.0' direct website visits are the most important ranking factor. Time on site, pages per session and bounce rate are also highly rated as important. Taking these into consideration, it is not surprising these are…

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