Chart of the Day: How do your Adwords campaigns compare?

Do you know what a top-performing AdWords campaign looks like? The new Paid Search Benchmark 2018 report by Adthena is a useful compilation of ad spend and performance, cost and competition and competitive diversity across the UK, US, and Australian paid search landscape.

Access the full Paid Search Benchmark 2018 report.

This report benchmarks ad spend and performance in search, and encompasses data from over 140 million paid search ads, 135,000 advertisers, and 5.6 million search terms in the US, UK, and Australia, revealing global search trends and category-specific insights.

Mobile vs Desktop average CTR

Knowing what device your potential audience is using for their search query is important. you need to make sure your desired landing pages are optimized for mobile use (not that it shouldn't be anyway), but if you're paying for a user's click you want to be getting their…

Chart of the Day: Statistics exploding the myths that mobile marketing is less important in B2B sectors

We have documented the ongoing growth of mobile adoption in our mobile statistics compilation. Yet most of our stats are based on consumer surveys and panels. It's rare for B2B specific data to be shown. Given this lack of insight, most businesses will turn to their analytics to assess the importance of visitors from smartphone. Looking at our own analytics, for Smart Insights it seems that mobile visits are relatively unimportant, with smartphones currently accounting for 19% of visitors, with an increase of around 8% increase year-on-year. Yet, one fifth of all visits IS significant especially since as you see with B2C organizations, our conversion rates are lower on smartphones, so lead generation is challenging on mobile.

The Boston Consulting Group research on mobile use in B2B

Given the lack of research on B2B mobile adoption, it was interesting…

Chart of the day: Facebook Users' Privacy Concerns

In the wake of global data disasters, such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where an individual’s online privacy has fallen at risk of being misrepresented and misused for falsely priming political agenda - people have undoubtedly become wary of their personal details saved online. However, it’s interesting to see that even though privacy concerns amongst users are high, Facebook daily visits seem to have been largely unaffected by this disaster. Recent research by Marketing Charts shows that personal data security is the top concern with Facebook. According to a Gallup survey, 55% of Facebook users are very concerned and 25% are somewhat concerned about their personal data being sold to and used by other companies and organization, among many other…

Chart of the day: Original research drives traffic but marketers aren't promoting it to its full potential.

Original research produced by b2B marketers drives traffic and social shares - but are marketers making the most of their excellent research? The short answer, according to research by Buzzsumo and Mantis Research is pretty much a "no". The research found the main benefits of producing original research (research reports which involve conducting a survey of real people e.g. marketers) drives traffic and social shares, success! Website traffic, social shares, PR and influencer mentions, as well as leads were reported by half or more respondents. This proves the value of conducting original research and shows why it's so popular as a content marketing methods. When asked how marketers then promoted the research, this is what they found: Most marketers promote…

Chart of the Day: Research showing the popularity of different types of content assets are used during B2B vendor service selection

Our poll featured in our digital marketing trends 2018 post showed the ongoing popularity of content marketing as a technique with marketers. This research, looks at content popularity from a different angle, the popularity of different forms of content assets during the buying process. This visual is 'numbers' heavy, but the orange shading helps show the most popular types of content.

Which content formats are most popular?

Considering which content types are most popular, we can see that most types of content are useful to someone! This suggests the importance of using content mapping as a technique to align the right types of content with the right persona and stage of the buying process as covered in the templates and examples in our persona guide…

Chart of the day: Sales and Content Marketing teams are most aligned on sharing customer questions, but least aligned on personas

Shockingly, the research found that content marketers and sales professionals are least aligned on buyer personas, which would seem particularly important for both parties, as something they should be aligned on. The study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and LinkedIn Research also found that a stronger culture of alignment would be the best way to increase sales and content marketing alignment. As you can see, buyer persona sharing is not very aligned compared with other activities the survey asked about. Target accounts, how to use content and when to use content, along with typical discussions around customer questions, are by far the most aligned activities. Content marketing strategy appears to be shared with the sales team, it's unclear how much integration between sales…

Chart of the day: Will marketing salaries continue to rise in 2018?

When it comes to career choices we make sure that job satisfaction is being taken in to consideration. The elephant in the room is always salary, but when it comes to marketing in 2018, it seems that this elephant is most welcome. We are fast approaching the halfway point of 2018 and if the previous year on year trends continue, then marketing salaries are set to keep increasing.

Check out this Marketing Salary Guide

Orbit Media created a guide which focussed on 7 positions in the industry and tracked their change from 2016. The results are based on US salaries but offer a certain amount of comparability to shores further afield. The dataset comprises of 67,736 individuals so there is no denying that these figures offer a strong indicator of the industry as a whole. …

Chart of the day: Benchmarks for Facebook news feed placement ads Q1 2018

Even though Facebook may have recently been on the receiving end of continuous flack and scrutiny, data shows that Facebook ads continue to do well in the world of paid media. Business are still witnessing the fruits of Facebook as a marketing and advertising channel. So, it’s only obvious that understanding how you can leverage Facebook Advertising in the right way has become vital for brands and marketers. Facebook is making it harder and harder for posts to reach audiences organically. If you want to get your posts seen on Facebook, especially at a larger scale, chances are, you’ll need to pay for the reach with Facebook Ads. Recent benchmarking report on paid search and paid social, by AdStage, provides valuable insight into paid media metrics, to enable marketers like you and…

Chart of the day: After Snapchats controversial redesign last year, satisfaction with the app has plummeted

YouGov data suggests the app has erased two years of work in just a few months, as Snapchat's impression score and satisfaction score has dropped significantly. The survey asked users in the Unites States (US) aged 18-34, who'd then fall into the millennial category, to rate how satisfied with the SnapChat brand. YouGov do continuous tracking of brands including Snapchat, as part of their BrandIndex product. As you can see from the chart above those aged 18-34 have reported a massive drop in terms of a positive impression with Snapchat. As you can see from the chart below, there is a massive drop in satisfaction too. Those aged 18-34 have suddenly recorded a more negative impression of Snapchat and a…

Chart of the Day: How perceptions of the applications of AI differ between agencies and brands

In our infographic reviewing the applications of AI in marketing, we explore 15 different applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the customer lifecycle from media buying to marketing automation and chatbots. It's around a year now since we developed this infographic, so it's interesting to know how widely used AI is, both by businesses and their agencies. In today's Chart of the Day, I'm sharing some research which helps show how AI is being used for marketing. The sample is smaller than what I would usually look to share and it is skewed since it is a customer survey of Albert and AI tool for marketing, but with relatively few adopters of AI, this is inevitable and I thought the report below might be useful both for agencies and brands to learn about the 'Use Cases' of…

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