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TemplateMonster CEO, David Braun: We Owe the Idea of TemplateMonster to the Customers Who Didn’t Need a Custom Design

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 20 Jan, 2017
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Our interview with Template Monster's CEO, David Braun

What are the challenges and success factors in creating online startups serving small businesses? To shed light on this with a case study, we spoke to David Braun about why he founded Template Monster and where he is taking the businesses during an interesting time for web developers looking to serve small businesses.

How did you come to a decision to start template monster ?

David: It all started quite a long time ago, although it seems as if it were yesterday. TemplateMonster wasn’t created from scratch, it was based on a local web development agency. We owe the idea of TemplateMonster to the customers who didn’t need a custom design, they needed a cheaper solution. At the moment we didn’t have anything that would meet their requirements. Once I saw a designer working with his templates and that was the moment when the idea of TemplateMonster was born.

What is it that makes the proposition of TemplateMonster unique?

David: Our template production covers all popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCoomerce. Per each of these groups we have about a thousand templates, for some of them even more. There are over 4,000 HTML templates and a huge number of plugins and extensions. We’ve launched a MotoCMS website creator, where you can customize the template before purchasing it. You save your changes on the website, show it to the customer and, after his project approval, you may buy out the template with the changes already saved. Apart from that, in 2016, we focused on releasing extra-powerful templates for every CMS. Their quality exceeds the quality of their peers on the Web, and, remembering the fact that with a template, a customer gets a lifetime 24/7 tech support and lifetime updates, these templates are great options for those who prefer diversity and high quality. Here are some examples:



 What other offerings are you working on?

David: Apart from the templates, we provide service and information. This year we launched a project - StartupHub, which is an A-Z guide for everyone who needs to create a website. We launched such free projects as “Start a Web Design Studio In 61 Days” and TemplateMonster Certification Center. And if you follow TemplateMonster updates, you may know that we regularly run giveaways and discounts.

 How and why did you come up with the name 'template monster'?

David: Again, it was one of our designers. He used to draw monsters, for some reason they were his favorite subjects to draw. He suggested we name the company this way. It helps us stand out from vanilla 'theme sites'.

What is your team like?

David: It’s spread all over the world, but this is a big TemplateMonster family. We support each other, create uniting activities like running marathons, bike marathons, charity campaigns. We ignite each other with ideas, and… that is great!

How do you position yourself in the market when they're are so many free template offerings available now?

David: Our designs are always neat and modern, and the code is really easy-to-work with. On top of that, you get a lifetime support and updates. Many of our competitors do not offer this.

Would you mind sharing your plans for the future?

David: Not at all. We are planning to continue developing the projects, providing the people with educating information. We are also planning to create a marketplace where talented developers would be able to sell their web designs.

What makes you glad that you do what you do?

David: The positive feedback which grateful customers leave on our website, send us via email and tell our customer support in a live chat support. Our Trustpilot rating 9.6 out of 10 makes us proud and gives us reassurance that we are making a positive difference to our customers.

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By Robert Allen

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