Chart of the Week: 36% of people have used visual search and over half say that visual information is more important than text when shopping online

Over a third of people have used or performed a visual search, according to new research from Intent Lab. A total of 36% of survey respondents said they have used visual search, which is the same rate as those who have performed voice searches, showing that search is changing. As well as the rise of visual search, 59% also said that visual information is more important than text, showing that you should be incorporating visuals into all aspects of your marketing strategy.

Mobile is more visual

When it comes to visual search, mobile is the most popular device with 53% saying their smartphone is the main device they use for this…

How to optimize your content for Google’s ever-changing search results

Google’s search results are constantly being updated. With new features being tested and added on a regular basis, it can be hard to keep up with the rate of change. In order to gain as much visibility as possible on Google for your business or brand, you need to keep on top of these changes and work out how best to optimize your website for the ever-expanding opportunities (and challenges) that Google Search presents. As Dave Chaffey pointed out in his Chart of the Day from July on the incredible shrinking organic SERPs, these updates and additions of features to the search results can often mean that the standard organic listings that as marketers and SEO professionals we have always focused on are pushed further and further down the page. [si_guide_block id="108203" title="Download our Premium Resource – Search Marketing Trends 2018" description="Search…

A review of process and tools available for online competitor analysis

Although we know it’s important to analyse how your own website is performing in terms of visitor numbers, customer demographics and conversion rate, we should remember that it's important to look outwards too. Competitive intelligence analysis can tell you how you are performing relative to your competitors and provide some insight into their visitor numbers, audience plus marketing and search strategies. Effective competitor intelligence analysis can provide real actionable insights that just aren’t possible using standard web analytics tools such as Site Catalyst, Google Analytics or Webtrends. By understanding more clearly as to what your competitors are doing, you can make more insightful decisions about what to do with your online marketing activities.

Key benefits of conducting online competitive analysis

You can apply competitive intelligence analysis allows you to gain insight on: Competitor activity -gain insight into the activities and tactics of your competitors. Questions that…