IGTV is taking off, allowing marketers to engage new audiences with video content. But what are the mistakes you should avoid?

Video marketing is perhaps the best type of online marketing currently available to brands, influencers, and other active internet users. What could be more effective than video marketing though? Maybe video marketing combined with social media, which is what Instagram's IGTV feature is. Here are the five most common IGTV marketing mistakes that both brands and influencers make and how you can avoid them.

The future of IGTV

First, let's talk about the future of IGTV. Why is it so important? For starters, IGTV is the reason Instagram is now a major competitor to both Snapchat and YouTube. In fact, it has already beat Snapchat at its own game, but YouTube is still the most popular video platform. IGTV doesn't have a …