Employee advocacy

Starting your business requires a lot of investment before you begin. But even beyond that, you need to continually invest in your business if you want to increase its chances of success

As long as your business exists, investment is a vital aspect of your operations. Whether you're investing in your products/services or in your employees, it's a step that will build your reputation with your employees and customers.

Unfortunately, many businesses today see these investments as just "expenses" and try to cut their costs. This can be harmful to businesses.

What are the upsides when you invest in your business? Here are 5 reasons to increase investments into your business today.

1. It increases employee engagement and productivity

Generally, employee engagement at workplaces is low. According to a Gallup study, only 32.7% of American employees are engaged in their work.

Employee advocacy can give your brand a social media boost

When it comes to brand awareness and audience acquisition, managing a coordinated posse of advocates is essential. You need a viable base of people loyal to your brand who are willing to share your content and post about how awesome your products are. There’s simply no better way, other than advertising, to maximize your brand’s reach on social media.

Sure, niche-relevant influencers and your community of customers are the obvious answers, but your own workforce is a great resource too. Employees are often untapped for advocacy purposes, because without a sound strategy in place, it can feel like you’re asking too much of them, which can cause morale to plummet. However, by developing a company culture that celebrates and rewards ongoing advocacy performance, it’s possible to use content sharing as a potent employee engagement tool…