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75% of your email list is inactive and therefore useless. You need to win them back.

Reactivation is aimed at attempting to reintroduce lapsed subscribers to your content and re-engaging their interest in your brand, most commonly by creating a specific strategy and utilising specific content that aims to bring people back into your pool of active customers. There are many elements and variables involved in the process of creating an email marketing reactivation strategy, but every brand that uses email marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy should look to build in an email reactivation strategy, as its potential to create impact for brands in any sector, should not be underestimated.

Why focus on reactivation and re-engagement?

75% of your email subscriber list may be inactive. This is a worrying statistic, as it means that three quarters of your subscriber base may not currently be engaging with your marketing content. Many of…

Improving re-engagement emails to help bring a dead email list to life

According to MarketingSherpa, on average, marketers lose 25% of their email list every year. HubSpot have also modelled email database decay and suggest a similar figure if you don't take action. Essentially, subscribers stop engaging with your brand which results in fewer clicks and unsubscribes meaning that the number of active email subscribers falls. Added to this, the role of subscribed yet unengaged consumers can be crucial when it comes to hurting the inbox placement rates, which can ultimately lead you to spam folders. So, what to do when your holy emails are being flagged as this hex called spam? Re-engagement emails- the divine jackfruit can act as an elixir to bring your dead email list to life. Due to its inherent specification, re-engagement emails only target inactive consumers that give your email campaigns an accurate perspective. According to the Stats…