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Pinterest do Secret Santa and Paypal expand their integrations in messenger

By Jessica Wade 23 Nov, 2017
Social media strategy

Updates to inform your social media marketing strategy

Welcome to our weekly summary of what's happened in social media this week. This week we look at Instagram let you request to join a friend’s live video, Pinterest secret Santa and how you can now Invoice buyers through PayPal via Messenger.

Instagram let you request to join a friend’s live video

Users can now request to join a live stream that they’re watching and, if accepted, can start broadcasting live as the host’s guest. Instagram launched the feature this week. To access this simply tap the “Request” button in the comments section. You’ll see a confirmation that your friend has accepted your request, and you will automatically join the live stream.

Instagram said:

Going live together is the best way to connect in real time and have fun with friends, even when you’re not together. With this update, friends have even more ways to quickly join each other’s live videos.

You can now Invoice buyers through PayPal via Messenger

PayPal and Facebook are expanding their integrations in messenger. Messenger now allows PayPal sellers to invoice buyers directly through private messaging, complete with price and image

The extension will allow buyers to act immediately and makes the transaction simple keeping it all within the one conversation. PayPal director of product, Shilpa Dhar said: 

Commerce is continuously expanding into new contexts. With the explosion of mobile apps, new commerce opportunities have been created and consumers are looking to make purchases in-context, without leaving those applications. PayPal is focused on helping merchants and consumers connect across a range of contexts including these new, emerging arenas.

Pinterest is debuting its own version of Secret Santa

This year Pinterest are making Secret Santa easier than ever and launching the first ever Pinterest Secret Santa. Pinterest Secret Santa allows people to find friends or family on Pinterest. It then uses the Pinterest API to create custom gift idea boards based on what those friends or family members have been saving.

They also went one step further and are allowing Pinners to select a gift persona that resembles the person they want to give to. Pinterest has reported they will be working alongside four major brands will offer up gift ideas AmazonBed Bath & BeyondCVS Pharmacy and Universal Pictures.

Pinterest is one of those channels that you don’t associate being able to market to. However, Pinterest is rated as the fourth biggest traffic source across sites, in many countries. It has over 50 billion pins made to date and there are more than 1 billion Pinterest boards. For this reason alone, a strategy is definitely worth exploring. We have updated our Pinterest guide for that reason.  If you want to develop a Pinterest strategy and keep your audience engaged check out our Pinterest marketing guide.

Twitter to revoke verification for some accounts

A few hours after announcing a review of its verification program, Twitter began revoking the verified status of some accounts. They targeted white supremacists Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler among many others. Twitter announced that they have stopped accepting public submissions as it reviews the program and plans to work  'on a new authentication and verification program. In the meantime, we are not accepting any public submissions for verification and have introduced new guidelines for the program'. Find their fully updated verified rules here. 

What do you think of Twitter revoking verification for some accounts? Would you use Pinterest secret santa boards? Let us know what you think and connect with us on TwitterFacebookInstagram or LinkedIn. Don't forget to join us next week for another weekly roundup.


By Jessica Wade

I was previously the Social Media Executive for Smart Insights and managed all of Smart Insights social media channels and social strategy. I love all things social, most of the time you will find me endlessly scrolling through Instagram. You can follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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