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7 Reasons B2B marketers should love Slideshare

Author's avatar By Danyl Bosomworth 26 Mar, 2012
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Infographic showing the growth of Slideshare

Here's an interesting infographic from Slideshare, reminding us of their reach to professionals, and those marketing to professionals. Are you using Slideshare? Some of the active B2B marketers put it to really good use as an external hub for their content: See Eloqua, and the less creative Dell.

7 reasons to take a serious look

Assuming that you're a B2B marketer, and have good content that can be directly used or re-purposed for Slideshare, we think that Slideshare is a grossly under-utilised tool, especially since the "Pro" version launched, after all if it's good enough for the White House...

Here are the reasons we think it may be worth a look:

  1. Slideshare presentations are highly shareable and embeddable. It's similar to loading video content to YouTube - you get your content in an external hub and can use the embed code to embed the presenation on your and others blogs, other people can do that too, if you enable it.
  2. As a huge site, Slideshare ranks well, it offers you visibility. Even more so when keywords like presentation are used (try it!). Fish where the fish are instead of expecting people to come to you.
  3. You can build inbound links from Slideshare. It offers a stream of traffic for the right content, we've found this for Smart Insights, similar with Scribd, too
  4. You can collect leads from your presentations within Slideshare (LeadShare). They have API access meaning you can (depending on your CRM) capture leads straight to your own software.
  5. You can host Private, member only presentations. You can lock content for view only or allow download of your material (awlays try doing the latter!).
  6. Make your brand sizzle! It's another place to be creative without loosing focus and develop a sense of thought leadership in a marketing outpost with real reach.
  7. Showcase your work in LinkedIn. There's a cosy relationship with LinkedIn, making your content easy to re-purpose into another social network.

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By Danyl Bosomworth

Dan helped to co-found Smart Insights in 2010 and acted as Marketing Director until leaving in November 2014 to focus on his other role as Managing Director of First 10 Digital. His experience spans brand development and digital marketing, with roles both agency and client side for nearly 20 years. Creative, passionate and focussed, his goal is on commercial success whilst increasing brand equity through effective integration and remembering that marketing is about real people. Dan's interests and recent experience span digital strategy, social media, and eCRM. You can learn more about Dan's background here Linked In.

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