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Do small businesses understand SEO?

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 24 Apr, 2017
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Chart of the Day: New research reveals that the vast majority of small businesses have only a basic understanding of SEO

A recent survey by Higher Visibility asked over four hundred and twenty small business owners about how well their internal teams understand SEO, and the results paint a rather dire picture for the state of SEO in small enterprises.

180 business owners (over one-third) either didn't know or reported that their team had no understanding of SEO. While over half of respondents said their team only possessed a basic understanding of SEO. In today's competitive SEO landscape, a basic grasp really isn't going to get you very far. If you want to effectively harness the power of organic search then you need to be using the latest techniques and not making any SEO mistakes, which those without a deep knowledge of the subject are likely to make.

  • Source: Higher Visibility
  • Data Sample: Survey of 500 US small business owners (424 answered the question featured in the chart)
  • Recommended Resource: SEO Toolkit.
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By Robert Allen

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