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Messaging apps usage grows dramatically around the world

Author's avatar By Patrick Kelly 31 Mar, 2017
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Chart of the Day: The amount of time people spend using messaging apps in Europe, Latin America & Asia has grown by up to 10 times that of the USA

In a recent report by ComScore measuring the percentage of time the average user spends using messenger apps versus all other mobile activity found that people outside the USA, UK and Canada spend significantly more of their time on mobile using these apps. The messenger apps included in the report were the 5 key apps globally, Facebook messenger (with over a billion installs on Android - who doesn't have this on their phones), WhatsApp (and this one), Line, WeChat & QQ messenger.

These 5 apps share 1.4% of all mobile minutes in the USA and 2.3% in the UK, but when you compare that against 15.8% in Mexico and 14.9% in Indonesia the difference is staggering.

This does provide marketers who promote their products and services on a global scale with an opportunity to capitalise on this hyper-engaged audience. Facebook messenger and WeChat both have advertising platforms for you to promote your content to audiences you may not already be targeting within your existing marketing strategy. To use this platform to potential customers outside the USA, UK and Canada could pay dividends for your business. Why not give it a try with a small ring-fenced budget to test if this would be a viable option for your marketing mix.

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By Patrick Kelly

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