Are you looking for something that gives you the edge and helps take email campaign performance to the next level?

So you’ve been optimizing your email programme for a while now, you’ve segmented your database, developed customer personas, and you’ve implemented a range of triggered campaigns. However, your competitors have also raised their game, and the ‘business as usual’ option just won’t cut it anymore. You’re looking for something that gives you the edge and helps take email campaign performance to the next level.

AI technology and marketing – a match made in heaven?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already helping marketers by serving personalized content at scale, reducing campaign production tines, and enabling them to boost revenues and engagement. Forrester Research has predicted that businesses who use AI to drive marketing will gain $1.2 trillion per annum from those who don’t. It’s understandable that many marketers are still getting to grips with how to best use AI. The possibilities…

Marketing automation is a godsend for digital marketers, but needs to be closely monitored, otherwise your investment may be for naught. The following metrics will help you keep tabs and get the most of your automation software.

If you’re a digital marketer, you’re probably using marketing automation software, and for good reason. You may be looking to avoid human error, to be more responsive or to reduce overhead. When creating and managing automations, you most likely use many features, to try and give your users the best possible customer journey.  Whatever be the case, you need to be able to measure how well your automations are panning out. It turns out, however, that for most, this is no simple task. In fact, studies show that 50-60% of those who use marketing automation, find measuring automation performance to be the most challenging part of engaging in automations.

Measuring automation performance,…

Marketing automation industry is currently valued at $1.65 billion, and the majority credit for this jump in value goes to the introduction of AI in marketing automation; more-so the AI-enabled chatbots that are taking marketing automation industry by storm

Here we will go over three significant reasons for why every brand should consider a chatbot while framing their marketing automation strategy. The first breakthrough was the introduction of social media within marketing automation strategy. Marketers started using various tools and software to make the maximum out of their social media activities. Things took a more substantial leap when artificial intelligence made way into marketing automation strategy. The simple concept of making repetitive marketing tasks easy got a new lease of life with predictive analysis and personalized marketing. With AI, marketing automation became more human. Fast-forward to present time; AI…

See the latest email marketing and automation statistics to help benchmark your current performance and plan improvements

We've recently updated our State of email marketing report, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence report 2018, in partnership with GetResponse. This year's report shares some interesting findings from an analysis based on over 500 respondents working in a senior position across B2C, B2B or both. Use our findings to help benchmark your current performance and map digital improvements. Throughout the report, we highlight the features businesses should try and start implementing straight away, whilst exploring how current marketing automation is used in the industry. The report covers a range email marketing and automation results, challenges and use of features, including: Investment in Email Marketing Evaluation and tracking Targeting Communication strategy Testing and optimization Open and CTRs based on industry Lead generation Read our summary below, or download the full report today, for free. [si_guide_block id="59002"…

We take a look at the power of personalization in retail. How it helps you deliver unique customer experiences and a boost to retail sales

Great customer experience is about putting the customer at the centre of everything you do. It’s about giving them what they want quickly and making them feel special in the process. But when you’re faced with thousands of customers, it can be hard to put your best intentions into practice. Personalisation changes this.

Does personalization in retail matter?

Personalization tends to be seen as a buzzword. People tell you it’s important without sharing the facts. But there’s hard proof that personalization counts when it comes to sales. Remember the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign with people’s names plastered across the packaging? This personal approach was credited with growing Coke’s sales for the first time in 10 years. The research shows Coke’s experience isn’t an isolated one. 75% of consumers are…

Marketing is the lifeblood of business. After all, your product or service won’t promote itself!

There are many ways to market your products to your target market. Brands will use anything from storytelling to price in order to attract new customers. One of the most effective strategies is forging deep connections with your potential customers. This results in more engaged and longer lasting customer base. [si_guide_block id="58833" title="Download FREE Resource – State of B2B marketing automation" description="CommuniGator and Smart Insights present the latest research in adoption of marketing automation within the B2B sector."/] The downside is creating and maintaining these deep customer relationships become much more difficult as your business scales. Marketing to each customer on a 1:1 basis used to require building large teams who conduct labour-intensive duties. That was until the invention of marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the tactics and software used to automate marketing tasks.…

Chart of the Day: Email marketing techniques used

Automation platforms are a big commitment

Why do I say commitment? It's not just a product, it's a game changer, like a car or house. Would you buy a 5 bedroom house when you have no idea what you would use those rooms for? When you view the house, you start planning on what each room would look like. The same reasoning extends to marketing automation. You should have an idea of how you are going to use all the functionality. While I'm on a roll with my housing metaphors, you wouldn't buy a 2 story house if you couldn't climb the stairs. Again, why invest in a marketing automation platform when you don't have a CRM or can't connect with Application Programming Interface (API).

What techniques are used with Automation platforms?

In the chart, we can see…

Which are the technologies that are dominating the Marketing Automation space?

Did you know that when it comes to marketing automation, just six technologies hold more than half of the market share? Well, now you do – courtesy of competitive intelligence and lead generation company SimilarTech and inbound marketing agency Bold Digital Architects. The two companies recently teamed up to create a report on the State of Marketing Automation in 2017 and managed to draw up a couple of interesting conclusions. Before we go into further detail, here’s a short overview for your convenience: Six biggest technologies hold a total of 57 per cent of the market share. A total of 482,765 websites have been using marketing automation technology last year, representing an increase in usage. With more than a fifth of market share (21 per cent), Hubspot has the single largest market share. B2B companies are most inclined on using marketing…

Chart of the Day: Don't forget your Lead Scoring

We all know about Email Marketing Automation, but what is Lead Scoring? In the chart, we can see that Email Automation is the most popular at 65.50%, which is expected. The chart also shows how little people either know or use lead scoring, as it's only at 11.80%. Lead scoring is an excellent way of ranking prospects using a scoring method. These scores will help sales teams to prioritise leads or which should be nurtured by marketing more. In the beginning of the process, marketing and sales need to work together to decide on what their ideal prospect is and what we want them to do on your site. And then assign or detract points from the prospects score for doing those activities. For example: Visited Pricing Page = 20 points Visited Blog = 1 point Visited Careers Page = -20 points Each time a prospect visits one of these…

Simple recipes and tips to get you started with your Marketing Automation

Are you still sending out blanket e-shot campaigns to large, anonymous lists? The latest research from the Smart Insights - GetResponse Email Marketing and Marketing Excellence research 2017 shows that many businesses aren't yet tapping into marketing automation. More than half (54%) rated their use of marketing automation as limited including around 20% who weren't using it all.  If this describes you, then the 'shot' part might turn out to mean 'shot in the dark.' In an age where PPC and SEO let you reach a target audience actively looking for companies like yours, blunt emails are rapidly becoming a thing of the past or should be. Most companies already have all the ingredients - an email platform, a CRM full of client data, and an incoming source of leads gives you everything you need. Getting started can seem daunting,…

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