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Training for tomorrow’s tech jobs

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 04 Aug, 2016
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Helpful tips for jobseekers looking to break into tech

The future of the tech industry is as promising as ever—and it bodes well for today's job seekers. In 2015, the United States created roughly 6.5 million jobs in the tech industry. Recruiters predict that IT jobs will continue to grow by up to 22% through the year 2020.

While Silicon Valley in California is considered as the home of the main tech startups, other cities like NYC also have a consistently growing tech industry. In fact, New York outpaced Silicon Valley regarding growth with a 33% increase in tech jobs since 2009.

New York Tech Jobs

Source: Business Insider

Despite the ongoing rise of tech jobs, millennials and members of the “Gen Z” are faced with one dilemma—competition.

Tech startups know that, if they want to keep up with today’s level of competition, they should have no room for subpar. They need top-level talent to represent their brand and execute their game plan for success. As a jobseeker, you need to show these startups that you are worthy to be part of their team. Several strategies can help you boost your credibility and stand out from the rest of the pack:

Invest in Tech Training

For most people, a college degree alone is never enough to secure well-paying jobs in competitive industries like technology. First of all, you should know that tech startups do not care for your personal or career growth. They will only focus on what you can contribute to the business. If given a choice, they will always choose someone who can jump into action and be productive as soon as possible to applicants who require additional training. If you want to get noticed, then you do not want to be part of the latter group.

training for tech jobs

Today, there are several ways to receive training post-graduation and improve your credentials. Aside from training centers in physical locations near you, you may also consider accredited online training services. Although most post-graduates prefer physical training centers, remember that there are several benefits of going for online courses as well.

For example, online courses enable students to manage their own time and choose a specific topic to focus on whenever they need to. Home-based learning also means you no longer have to go through the hassle of daily commutes, thus, reserving your energy and focus exclusively on education. It is also worth noting that the online learning or eLearning industry—just like the tech industry—has been booming in the past few years. With the rising availability of eLearning services, it should be easy to find opportunities that will help you train for specific tech fields such as network administration, programming, and software engineering.

Going for Internships

What better way to learn a job than to be on the field? The good news is that plenty of tech startups offer internships to fresh graduates who need experience. These positions are easier to apply for due to the lack of experience requirements, but that does not change the fact that plenty of individuals are asking for them at the same time.

Although some employers offer paid internships, you should be open to unpaid positions that will give you experience. Consider it as a way to get your foot in the door and be one step closer to long-term employment. Some of the best places to look for internships in the tech industry would be professional networks like LinkedIn and Internships.com.

Having an “Adaptive” Resume

Remember that you need your prospective employers to feel confident of your competence. Before submitting your application, make sure you read about the position, learn all the details, and research the industry. Once you understand the company’s needs, make sure to tailor your resume to reflect the skills and qualities they are looking for in an applicant. It is also a good idea to research a company first before choosing the appropriate short-term courses to refine your skill set.

In most cases, you need to write several versions of your resume. Make sure each version is compelling, presentable, and specifically written for each employer. While you are at it, you need to prepare stories that highlight your best qualities. Although they do not exactly need to be 100% accurate, they must contain realistic scenarios that you can live by and demonstrate in the future.


As technology becomes a permanent factor in modern lifestyle, there will always be a need for talented, innovative, and creative individuals to fuel tech companies. All it takes is the initiative to learn, gain experience, and make your background a lot more promising to the right employer.

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