Advertisers are turning their attention toward their ad creative, which is quickly becoming the driver for financial performance

Facebook is changing the game for advertisers. In recent years, the social network has focused on improving its optimization algorithm and native advertising tools, which have allowed smaller companies to compete without having to invest in third-party ad tech. Automation features like auto bidding, auto placement and auto audiences have simplified the media buying and bidding process, so advertisers can spend less time doing intraday bid and budget changes. Instead, advertisers are turning their attention toward their ad creative, which is quickly becoming the driver for financial performance. They need to quickly solve problems like creative fatigue and audience saturation with fresh, high-performing creative or else their campaigns will fall flat. [si_quick_block id="142509" title="How to increase your Facebook followers" description="Learn six greats ways you can grow your Facebook page's following, from…

Incorporating the latest Messenger updates will help you drive business success

As a professional in the digital marketing space, you are probably aware of the restrictions on Messenger responses because of Facebook's 24 + 1 policy. However, you can still take advantage of this narrow time frame, boost marketing efforts on the platform, and connect strategically with consumers. In fact, 1-800-Flowers has experienced success using Messenger for outreach. The flower and gift delivery service reports that 70% of its chatbot orders are made by new customers, many of whom fall into a younger demographic than its usual audience. As a result, the use of Messenger has helped 1-800-Flowers stretch its consumer reach further than before. Other high-profile uses of Messenger included the Wall Street Journal, which allowed users to get stock quotes or headlines delivered to them; HP, which enabled users to print files from Facebook…

Organic reach on Facebook is plummeting but there are strategies to use to improve your reach without having to rely on paid posts

The average Facebook Business Page has an organic reach per post of about 6.4% of the page’s total likes. Let’s face it, Facebook is ever changing and evolving. The platform is moving to more human connection and favoring brands and businesses less, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. For marketers like you and me, this means that organic reach is plummeting. Not all hope is lost though, with a few tweaks and actionable steps to your Facebook Social Media Strategy, you’ll notice organic reach skyrocket in no time.

Why organic reach continues to decline

Before we dig into the meat of the strategy, it’s important to understand why this is happening so we can constantly adapt as marketers. That being said, there are a few…

Facilitate customer acquisition through direct conversation and provide a seamless shopping experience for your prospects on a platform they’re already familiar with

An estimated 1.2 billion people used Facebook Messenger every month in 2018. A report by Flurry Analytics noted that the time spent on social media and messaging apps increased by a stunning 400%. With this, businesses have begun to realize the importance of communicating with users via the platform they’re already using. Unlike banner blindness (ads) and spammy emails, the experience on Facebook Messenger is immersive and superior. [si_guide_block id="53829" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Facebook advertising guide" description="The aim of this guide is to provide an overview of the opportunities that exist for Facebook advertisers."/] Why should you advertise on Facebook Messenger? Email fatigue is a real thing. Your prospective customers may not be comfortable sharing their email address in exchange…

Consumers don't trust influencers, Facebook launches 3 new ad tools for small businesses, Amazon storing UK biometric data, Facebook relaxes cryptocurrency ad rules, Google's new consumer privacy plans, Facebook removes "dangerous users", digital ad revenues top $1bn, Facebook political ad warning and Singapore passes 'fake news' law.

This week has seen a number of big digital and marketing stories in the headlines. We've taken a look at some of the biggest, including new findings that show only 4% trust information shared by celebrity influencers, bloggers and vloggers. On top of this, Facebook has announced three new advertising tools that are aimed at helping small businesses make the most of the platform. There are also concerns being raised about a new Home Office contract that could see Amazon storing biometric information belonging to millions of people in the UK. Other Facebook news reveals that the platform is loosening its rules on advertising related to cryptocurrencies…

Examples of engaging Facebook ads, and those that fail to stand out

The ultimate goal of any Facebook ad is to catch someone’s eye with the right combination of stunning visuals and compelling copy. You want the ad to stand out against the background noise of news, politics and status updates. And there is a lot of noise right now. The ad copy could be great but the visual has to be even better. Because that’s what will be seen first. Now that almost every news site, company page or blogger uses compelling visuals, standing out has become more difficult. But I have come up with a few tried and tested tips to help you create a winning Facebook Ad visual.

1. Include a product image

If you are using a Facebook Ad to show off your product you should probably include a shot of your product. Right? In most other marketing channels that would be a no-brainer. But when…
One of the most underrated aspects of digital advertising is ad placements. Advertisers tend to think that choosing an advertising channel is where their campaigns begin and end. Unknown to them, knowing where to place ads can help determine how strong or how weak of an impact a certain ad will have on audiences. Before we delve into the power of Facebook as an advertising platform, here are some fast facts and figures from the 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. 72% of marketers use Facebook ads. 34% of survey respondents say Facebook ads allow them to measure their return on investment (ROI). Marketing teams’ top reasons for advertising on Facebook vary from brand exposure to website traffic and lead generation. Since Facebook ads are helping many businesses in various aspects of marketing, it might be wise for you to turn to Facebook as a channel…

Facebook vs. Instagram: The better platform for your business

Beginner marketers consider launching a social media campaign. Experienced marketers launch a social media campaign on Facebook. Smart marketers study all social media platforms and launch successful integrated social media campaigns on the platforms that are best for their business. Let’s be honest, social media marketing is a versatile, cost-effective and powerful tool to use for marketers and small business owners alike. It helps to reach the target audience, boosts sales, increases brand recognition, enhances conversion rates, boosts traffic to your website and even, improves search engine rankings. No wonder, then, that more and more businesses decide to include social media in their marketing strategies. In fact, according to Statista, investments in social media advertising are forecast to grow from 32 billion dollars in 2017 to approx. 48 billion dollars in…

Chart of the Day: Number of Facebook interactions per post

Mastering social media is an art that almost all of B2B and B2C companies need to learn. There is a tightrope of factors that are easy to fall off of and businesses need to make sure that all of them are in play. The type of post is probably the most important of these but this certainly followed by how many posts should you make a day to get maximum engagement. Today's chart looks at what is happening to post reach for the top performing Facebook pages. Buffer and BuzzSumo analyzed 43 million posts from 20,000 brands on Facebook and the amount of interactions posts received has dropped dramatically. Most of these brands have not changed the amount of posts they make in a day in the window that this looks at (5 quarters). However, the…

Three keys to evolving with Facebook advertising changes

It’s the World Series of baseball and the monkey bars of the school playground. Facebook Ads is the battleground everyone is clamouring to dominate — probably because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get right.

To start with, Facebook as a platform is designed to change. The more data it consumes, the quicker it adapts and adjusts according to the behaviours of its users. That means advertising best practices also change often, and marketers must stay up-to-date every time Facebook releases new features or reconfigures its algorithm.

[si_guide_block id="45342" title="Online Customer Acquisition Plan guide" description="Create a structured plan to acquire new customers online”/]

Built into this evolution is a vocabulary that also keeps changing. Marketers need to know what Facebook means by phrases such as audience networks, lookalike audiences, and cost per thousand. There's a steep learning curve, but…

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