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How to plan, market and execute an event around communication

Communication is at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to form relationships, carry out work and achieve our goals. It is also at the heart of successful event marketing. Whether speaking in front of an audience, conducting a product demonstration or simply networking, being able to communicate your brand successfully is essential. All event marketing relies on effective communication from the initial event development, marketing and promotions phases, through to the actual event itself. [si_guide_block id="57658" title="Download our Business Resource – Event marketing guide" description="Whatever your business goals, live events can help you achieve them. This guide will give you the strategic advice you need to run successful events."/] To plan a successful event, organizers need to listen to their audiences, understand their needs and plan an event that envisions these desires. Only by effective communication from the organizer can marketers communicate…

An account-based twist to your experiential planning

In the B2B marketer’s toolkit, events are pretty much stitched into the fabric. For as long as there have been buyers and sellers in a market there have been events that bring the two together with varying degrees of structure in the middle. It’s not all been plain sailing though. Over the past twenty years, it’s had a rocky ride. Digital developments have meant that investment in experiential were put under pressure. The tide is turning though: Bizzabo found that 63% of marketers plan on investing more in live events in the future both in budget and number of events. In my experience, one of the main drivers of this increased focus is ABM. Creative ABMers the world over are turning to tried and tested techniques like events and giving them an extreme account-based makeover (without the Hollywood tears).

[si_guide_block id="118739" title="Download our Premium Resource…

Your post-B2B event checklist

Momentum can be an uncommonly powerful force. Rarely will the opportunity to leverage it in the business world be greater than in the aftermath of an inspiring corporate event that your company has hosted. If all has gone as envisioned — and why wouldn’t it? — your team has bolstered relationships with established customers, and your brand has made a favorable initial impression on prospects. Returns on this marketing investment can only increase with some strategic and timely follow-up outreach. This is where there’s a disconnect between potential and reality, however: Industry research shows that 75 to 80 percent of leads are not followed up on after an event or exhibition. This failure to capitalize is catastrophic to marketing objectives. Time and effort have been expended without maximizing the benefit, and legitimizing an investment in similar future events becomes a more substantial challenge. Here’s the fix: Make sure follow-up strategies are discussed…

Examples of companies successfully using events to generate high-quality leads

Whether you’re organising events or attending them, face-to-face marketing can be one of the most powerful lead gen tools in your arsenal. Pair this up with a killer data capture campaign and you’ve got a recipe for success. We asked four companies to share their lead generation tips so you can follow their success.


According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing – but costs 62% less. An industry report, for example, is a particularly cost-effective way to capture leads and get eyes on your brand. Salesforce recruitment specialists Mason Frank International did just that at Dreamforce 2016, when the company unveiled its latest salary survey. “From a lead-gen standpoint we wanted to engage job candidates by supplying genuinely useful information on how much…

How technology can boost the effectiveness of your event

If your brand has been struggling to make a splash in its sector, it might be time to think about incorporating face-to-face tactics into your marketing methods to show your audience what you have to offer. A study by Regalix showed that 54% of B2B marketers said that event marketing was a significant tool when promoting their business - highlighting the fact that showcasing your brand at an event can have a significant impact. Whether you’re attending an event or hosting your own tradeshow, event marketing can be invaluable when it comes to boosting your business - ensuring you leave with valuable new leads and industry connections.

Why trust in tech?

The world of technology is developing at an increasingly rapid rate and there is now an array of digital marketing tools that can…

How to use Tentpole Marketing tactics to grow social buzz around events big and small

Think of a movie that hasn’t come out yet. A big movie, that’s making a lot of noise at the moment. This is a movie that’s probably already cost a lot of money to make and it’s a good bet that the studio is expecting to turn a pretty healthy profit on. In fact, this is exactly why they want you to know about it weeks, or even months, before it goes on general release. Chances are that after it's finished showing in cinemas, the studio would love you to continue to show an interest in the film, perhaps even buying the video game, t-shirt, poster or any other number of related merchandise. Perhaps by now you’re already talking to your friends about the possibility of a sequel. As…

5 steps you should take when exhibiting at your first trade show

Preparing for a trade show can be a challenging experience. From the financial to the logistical, trade shows offer a massive range of benefits for your business but often demand an equally great amount of focus, work and commitment. If you've never exhibited at a trade show before, the entire process of preparing a booth and readying your sales team can seem unbelievably difficult. In this guide, we’ll look at five simple tactics and principles that you can use to make the process of preparing for a trade show more manageable.

Tip 1. Prepare a detailed, itemised and flexible budget in advance

Budgeting for a trade show is a far more involved and demanding process than most business owners and marketers realise. Preparing a detailed, itemised budget is the difference between running a…

7 ideas for exhibitors showing how you can integrate content marketing into your next event

Every B2B marketer is familiar with the lead generation and branding benefits of trade shows made possible by the highly focused audience of potential customers to the brand recognition you get from having hundreds, or with the right location, thousands of people view your display. Likewise consumer events can give similar benefits. With the increasing interest in content marketing over the last few years, I'm surprised that fewer marketers seem to be familiar with is the potential to create amazing online content from your trade show experience. From answers to questions to interviews with industry insiders, trade shows are great opportunities to create stellar content or integrate existing content assets. In this guide, we’ll share seven creative content ideas that you can put into action at the next trade show you attend. From time-lapse…

The power of integrated social media for event promotion

This infographic summarising a survey of over 1,500 event organisers worldwide, reinforces how effective social media is for event management - 75% of respondents considering it to be an important element of their integrated marketing strategy. For international promotion in particular, Facebook has been the prominent social media platform for 78% of event organisers, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn, to primarily increase awareness of the event and their brand for new followers.  We know this can vary, depending on whether you are attracting delegates/attendees from the B2b or B2c market and their social/demographic profile. If you are looking to increase your 'bums on seats', then consider like most social media channels that they will not generate instant leads. Of those surveyed by Maximillion, 10% of event organisers have gained direct sales from social media.  For some companies promoting events on a small-scale, then these…

How to measure your Trade Show Marketing return on investment

Do you know the return on investment of your last radio marketing campaign? How about print media? While it’s easy to track the profitability of your marketing efforts online, accurately tracking your offline marketing ROI is tough. With the right tools and techniques, measuring your trade show ROI is simple Nowhere is this truer than at trade shows. Although many businesses are fully aware that their trade show marketing is profitable, we recently surveyed businesses and marketing managers and found that almost 50% don’t measure the ROI of their trade show activity. Although it’s more difficult to track trade show ROI than it is to measure the ROI of a display advertising or social media marketing campaign, it’s still very possible with the right tools, techniques and metrics.

4 steps to measure your ROI for your Trade Show

In this guide,…

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