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Ecommerce will dominate UK Christmas Shopping this year

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 21 Nov, 2016
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Chart of the Day: Ecommerce becomes the preferred method for Christmas Shopping among UK consumers for the first time ever.

Ecommerce has notched up double-digit sales growth every year for over a decade now. In certain markets, like white goods or electricals it really dominates, where as in others, like FMCG it's miles behind bricks and mortar stores.

It's the time of the year where consumers are thinking about where to buy their Christmas prezzies and marketers are thinking about putting their lovingly developed Christmas marketing plans into action. This year we've got some seriously good news for ecommerce marketers. Bobatoo surveyed over 2000 UK consumers and found that almost two-thirds plan to conduct the majority of their shopping online this year. This is a huge jump on the 2015 figure, when the majority of consumers said they would be conducting most of their shopping in physical stores. If the figures are to be believed, then it's a watershed moment for the UK ecommerce sector. However, Bobatoo did not give any detail about how the 2000 survey responses were collected, so it could be that they were collected online and this will skew the results.


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By Robert Allen

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