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Generating Brand Trust with Video Content

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 15 Jun, 2017
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4 Video types that will help you generate brand trust

Trust is imperative in whether your prospects make a purchase or not. Your prospects want to know your brand, they need to feel connected to your brand on some level, and that’s why building trust is so important!

A big part of building trust is to really know your clients and their needs. Show them that you are aware of their problems and that your brand is committed to solving them.

The way to do this is through video content, as video is one of the strongest types of online content out there. Let’s see which types of videos work best for generating trust!

Types of videos that generate brand trust

1. Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short video, usually lasting less than two minutes that explains your brand or your product in an engaging and simple way.

It’s aimed to let your prospects know exactly what your brand or product does, and more specifically ---what it does for them: why do your prospects need you? How are you going to help them solve their problems?

Explaining how a brand understands and helps their audience’s pain points generates brand trust and will increase your conversion rates. Animated explainer videos are interesting, versatile and engaging.

They’re versatile because there are many types of explainer videos, like cartoon animation videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action videos.

What is the best explainer video style for your business?

Every one of these types of videos will work its best for different purposes.

2. Company Story Videos

Telling your brand’s story will help you create a strong connection with your viewers.

Behind every great brand there’s a great story, and your prospects want to know it. They want to know and understand your values as a company, and showing this with video is the best way to do it.

Look at this example:

The trick here is to be authentic. Your customers won’t believe staged scenarios, or conversations that look scripted; and it’s incredibly important that you don’t tell made-up stories! Because your customers will find out, and it will shatter your credibility.

So, authenticity is the key. Share that unique, inspiring story of your brand, and show your prospects that you and your team share their values.

3. Product Videos

Did you know that 90% of consumers say that product videos are helpful in their decision making process?

This is because clients like to try before they buy a product. Or, at least, see how it works, and if it works as promised. Product videos will help your prospects with that, and show your product in action.

It can be a live action video, which would be real people using your product (just like your audience, so they can identify with them!), and showing its features and how it works.

Product videos will help your viewers trust your brand, but specifically it will help them trust your product. Showing that your product actually solves the issues that it’s meant to, will help build trust between your prospects and your brand.

4. Testimonial Videos

When you’re really looking to build brand trust, the type of video that will help you the most are testimonial videos.

Testimonial Videos really prove the value of your product, by showing past customers of your brand sharing their successful stories. This, of course, is a hundred times more trustworthy than just self-promotion from your brand -- when your prospects are searching information to see if your product really works, they’re not going to believe your own opinion, they’re going to believe the opinion of their peers.

So, by showing how other customers have benefited from your product, you’re going to be encouraging prospects to take action.

If you want to make a great testimonial video, there are some rules you should follow:

  • Remember to be authentic! Nobody will believe a staged opinion, and testimonials should feel real and relatable. No robotic answers.
  • Plan ahead, but remember to make this interview a conversation. You should write down the questions you want to ask your clients, but if there’s a chance to ask follow-up questions, do it.
  • Include your customer's’ pain points. This is incredibly important: if you want to generate trust with testimonial videos, talk about your client’s pain points, and how they found real solutions with your brand, and your product.

In summary…

If you want to generate trust for your brand, you should really know your prospects, what they want and what they need from you and your products. If you show that you care about their problems and that you’re committed to solving them, then you’re on the right track!

To achieve this, you must have the correct type of video! Using an Explainer Video, for example, will help you show exactly that: with explainer videos you’re able to explain your brand and products, what they do and how they’ll solve your buyer’s problems, in an engaging and simple way.

Another great way to build trust is by using Company Story videos, that will create a connection between your brand and your leads, because you’ll be showing them the real faces and true values of your brand.

With Product Videos, your leads will get to know exactly how your product or service works, and that will help them build trust in your product.

And Testimonial Videos are the cherry on top of the cake! There’s nothing that’ll help you build more trust, than showing clients of your brand telling their success stories for their peers. Your clients need validation, and they’ll trust their peers’ opinions more than anything else!

With this, you’re ready to generate brand trust for your company, using the right types of video content.

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