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Creating a video content marketing strategy [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 03 Apr, 2013
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YouTube passes 1 billion monthly users showing the opportunity for video marketing

We think video is still an underused marketing tool for companies given its popularity with consumers and the many options for video marketing. As our new 7 Steps guide to video marketing explains, enthusiastic adopters are using it to improve SEO rankings, site engagement and customer conversion. Our guide shows how to create and implement a strategy to make the most of the opportunity from video marketing.

As an example of this opportunity, Paul Roger's recent post on using products to increase conversion rate showed the power of video to persuade consumers about a product. For example, Matt Lawson, Head of Conversion at ao.com explains:

“Video gives us the opportunity to wow our customers and this in turn delivers results. We have tested and proven that when someone watches our video reviews they’re 120.5% more likely to buy, spend 157.2% longer on the site and spend 9.1% more per order. So my focus this quarter is increase customers watching video. Simple.”

Consumers' demand for online video is still climbing as shown by the YouTube announcement in March that it now has over a 1 billion Unique monthly visitors. They explain the scale of their audience this way:

  • Nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visits YouTube.
  • Our monthly viewership is the equivalent of roughly ten Super Bowl audiences.
  • If YouTube were a country, we’d be the third largest in the world after China and India.

Creating the right content for video

Essentially, video marketing is content marketing. The challenge is getting the content right for the audience! This infographic provides some good basic tips on creating the right content for your audience and how to structure your media.


Infographic from: Sol8

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