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Loyalty Marketing for Restaurants [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 11 Feb, 2015
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Diners are expecting Personalisation, Rewards and Discounts in return for their loyalty

This research shows how Loyalty schemes and freebies can pay off for new restaurants or bars, and for established food and beverage companies focusing on customer retention. There are also some specific tips on email, mobile and social media marketing.

Coniq's research highlights the pay back businesses receive from loyalty programs, how rewards and incentives are expected by today's diners and what encourages them to return hungry for more.

This may seem second nature for some businesses, though the majority of UK restaurants are missing out as they still don’t offer a loyalty program, and customers would be 2x likely to return with a loyalty card.

Findings on loyalty habits showed that '80% of 1000 customers would return if they were offered a loyalty scheme’ and ‘70% of your social followers expect rewards.'

Coniq's CEO Ben Chesser said 'We have certainly seen among our clients the great results that can be achieved through smart implementation of loyalty schemes, alongside the willingness of clients in this sector to be creative in their approach. However, there are still a vast amount of restaurants simply not making the most of this tactic and missing out hugely on the significant benefits to be had.'

It was prominent in the research that relevant and personalised communications is key for customer engagement and loyalty programs.  It may be obvious but according to Ben this is being missed by many clients: 'Offering the restaurant speciality, for a new opening for example, is a great way to get started with building the customer database, which is vital in providing the foundations for personalisation.'

Read on to find out how you can create loyal customers.

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