Chart of the Day: Podcast Advertising Market Sees 117% Year-on-Year Growth

Podcasts are a fantastic way for companies to regularly generate digestible content and stay at the forefront of their customers’ minds. The impact of podcasts is certainly being felt in the US, where 16 million homes could be classified as “avid podcast fans”, a year-on-year increase of 3 million from 2016. This has led to massive increase in US podcasting ad revenue, which has now risen to over $300 million. A report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhourseCooper presented the findings from 19 self-reporting companies that generate revenue from podcast advertising in the US, which equates to a year-on-year growth of 117% rise in ad revenue. The report also forecasted the future growth of the market, which projected an increase of 28% and reaching $659 million…

Many marketers and businesses don’t really put together a detailed strategy to outline their blogging objectives

Content marketing is well-known as one of the most effective forms of business promotion; and out of all content marketing tactics, blogging is arguably the best-performing and most cost-effective tactic. In my latest Quick Win for Smart Insights, I show you how to develop a blogging strategy from start to finish. You’ll learn: Why blogging is such an effective form of content marketing How to set quality objectives for your blogging strategy How to perform content and keyword research to improve your content How to put together an editorial calendar and come up with great headlines and topics for your blog How to create a promotional strategy for your blog to improve your overall results As well as how to measure your results from blogging so you can improve your blogging strategy and…

How National Geographic engage 350 million combined global followers via storytelling content marketing on social media

Personally, I follow National Geographic across all social platforms - preferring the visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook - and for many years been a paid subscriber to their printed magazine. So what makes me, and their other 81.7 million followers on Instagram stop scrolling, engage with the content and ultimately convert to their paid content? (They are the number 1 television brand and number 2 printed media on facebook). It's the ingenious way they captivate attention through the power of visuals and great storytelling. This is why storytelling is the future of social media. With the multitude of content on social and the many brands that choose to pay to promote content, it is becoming an increasingly crowded and noisy environment to reach social users. Although 37% of marketers say visual marketing is the…

Content marketing is a complex, highly competitive marketing practice, so it’s important to be strategic if you want to succeed

Over years of blogging and working with content marketing, I’ve learned a lot of lessons. Important lessons that I definitely wished I knew about when I started. In this blog post, I’m going to share top essential content marketing practices that you might not be leveraging: Strategize and plan your content marketing Research your content and perform keyword research Focus more on evergreen content The future is in personalization: create audience personas Use your analytics to optimise your content

Strategize and plan your content marketing

How much thought do you really put into your strategy? Are you: Setting objectives for your content? Creating content with your objectives in mind? Creating content based on market research? Using an editorial calendar to plan and strategize your content? Creating a content marketing strategy helps in several ways:…

Chart of the day: Original research drives traffic but marketers aren't promoting it to its full potential.

Original research produced by b2B marketers drives traffic and social shares - but are marketers making the most of their excellent research? The short answer, according to research by Buzzsumo and Mantis Research is pretty much a "no". The research found the main benefits of producing original research (research reports which involve conducting a survey of real people e.g. marketers) drives traffic and social shares, success! Website traffic, social shares, PR and influencer mentions, as well as leads were reported by half or more respondents. This proves the value of conducting original research and shows why it's so popular as a content marketing methods. When asked how marketers then promoted the research, this is what they found: Most marketers promote…

A content marketing planning tool to help marketers generate ideas for the most engaging content types for their audiences

We created our Content Marketing Matrix to help our members audit their content marketing assets as part of creating a content marketing strategy. It can also be used to brainstorm future improvements based on your content ideas to engage prospects and encourage sharing. It's a key part of our strategic approach to content marketing detailed in our 7 Steps to developing a content marketing strategy. The CMM also works as a content mapping tool, structured to help you think through the dimensions of different content formats for assets you could develop in future as part of a creating a content marketing strategy. The two dimensions used in the matrix help you review how content can support the business to achieve its goals against how…

Benchmarks, budgets, and trends to help you streamline your content marketing strategy in 2018

Every year we ask what marketing activity will be in most important for our readers' businesses or clients. In our trends polls for the last 3-4 years content marketing has always been the top topic with 20% of the vote this year. The annual report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) describes, for the eighth year, the implications of content marketing and how it can be utilized to provide better results and engagement. Content marketing is an important part of any business and fuels all forms of inbound techniques (email, social, paid and organic search). Having a clear and defined content marketing strategy will not only help you create content but audit and set goals, improve content distribution and help evaluate and measure ROI. Findings…

Chart of the day: Time is the biggest challenge when it comes to content marketing

Marketers have revealed time and quality are their biggest content marketing challenges according to research by Clearvoice. Time, content quality and creating content were the top three challenges, which suggest a perception of the number of resource marketers feel content needs. And right they are! Quality and effective content takes time, needs to be good quality and needs the appropriate resource to put aside this time and make sure it's great quality. Marketers recognise that it's quality over quantity and understand quality is the most important aspect. Production is also a big challenge for marketers, the resource involved in making it happen and getting it live and as someone who works full time in the production of content, it certainly is harder than you may think. …

Audit your content and SEO with our mindtool to get more from your content marketing

One of the biggest appeals of digital marketing is that it's data-driven - we can readily review the effectiveness of our activities and make informed improvements. This is particularly true for using content marketing and SEO to attract and convert visitors to lead or sale. Yet, the tools that are available within analytics to help us visualize and optimize our content haven't really changed since I've been involved in digital marketing. If you dig into the Behaviour reports in Google Analytics you still see long lists of Top Content and Landing pages to try to interpret. Using Content Groups in Google Analytics can help simplify by grouping related content. Although you can sort the lists, it's not easy to identify which content is performing well and can be enhanced and which is under-performing and which…

Webinars are great for generating quality leads, building trust with an audience, reaching more people, and converting more leads into customers

In an increasingly competitive market where consumers get hit with content from all sides, webinars allow you to offer them more value than other, more traditional forms of online content (blog posts, infographics, etc.). According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, 43% of B2B marketers use webinar platforms and 55% use webinars as a key content distribution vehicle. Ascend2, meanwhile, has found that webinars are the second most effective type of gated content resource for lead capture purposes, trumped only by download offers and Demand Gen Report has found that along with research reports and emails, webinars are the most effective tactics for lead nurture.

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