Case studies on global brands and how they've created a story to support their content marketing strategies

According to a recent CMI survey, just 37% of B2B marketers and 40% of B2C marketers have a written content marketing plan in place. At the same time, content marketing continues to become more mainstream as a recognized channel to help brands communicate, story-tell and convince their own audience and prospects. [si_guide_block id="5676" title="Download FREE Resource – Digital marketing plan template" description="Our popular marketing planning template built on the Smart Insights RACE planning system."/] But there is a growing challenge - there appears to be a lack of true understanding as to what and how content can help meet the many different types of organizational objectives? In many examples, the reason why so many content marketing strategies fail is because there simply is no business case. Where a number of content strategies fall flat is that they run right into the…

Interview: Rachel Cooper, Director of Global Content Strategy and Editorial at GSK

Ahead of Digistrategy - London World Forum 2017 in December, we interviewed Rachel Cooper, Director of Global Content Strategy at GlaxoSmithKline, to find out how she manages effective content on a global scale and how she assesses ROI. Rachel one of many senior keynote speakers at Digistrategy 2017, London on December 14th. 

Effective content on a global scale

1. As the Director of Global Content Strategy & Editorial at GSK, how do you ensure the quality and effectiveness of different types of content at a business with your global scale?

The primary aim of our global content and editorial team is to simplify and strengthen our storytelling. We do this through building relationships and providing guidance on storylines and editorial development. Our global content flatplan – held by our team – outlines content priorities, themes…

How National Geographic engage 350 million combined global followers via storytelling content marketing on social media

Personally, I follow National Geographic across all social platforms - preferring the visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook - and for many years been a paid subscriber to their printed magazine. So what makes me, and their other 81.7 million followers on Instagram stop scrolling, engage with the content and ultimately convert to their paid content? (They are the number 1 television brand and number 2 printed media on facebook). It's the ingenious way they captivate attention through the power of visuals and great storytelling. This is why storytelling is the future of social media. With the multitude of content on social and the many brands that choose to pay to promote content, it is becoming an increasingly crowded and noisy environment to reach social users. Although 37% of marketers say visual marketing is the…

How to get enhance your content marketing for higher engagement rates

As the tools and channels that make up the digital advertising ecosystem continue to evolve and grow more diverse, it seems many brand marketers and agencies are feeling left behind. A recent study by The Boston Consulting Group found that advertisers gave their own digital capabilities a 57 out of 100 on average. For context, that average score is exactly the same as in 2015. So what’s going on? Some advertisers who participated in the study blamed inadequate marketing technology platforms for their lack of results. Some pointed to the prioritization of other programs within their organizations as an obstacle. But there was one area where the majority of marketers felt especially lacking: their abilities to map consumer journeys and tailor content to match the various touchpoints along those journeys. That’s a problem. Above all else, the success of your digital strategy depends on…

We talked to Michael Goldberg to find out how he ensures content quality on a global scale and its impact on ROI

We still often hear marketers say the truism "content is king". We know it is important to marketing and communications for many businesses, but there is the question of how it can be managed strategically, particularly in a large global business. In this interview, we're fortunate to be able to learn from Michael Goldberg, a marcomms professional who is responsible for content marketing strategy at Dun & Bradstreet, a global B2B Brand. We're featuring this interview from Michael, since he is a keynote speaker alongside other global managers implementing Digital Transformation at the Marketing Leadership Forum.  Content marketing can be one of the most powerful marketing techniques for online digital brands (organically or paid) if done properly and evaluated correctly. By…

How to better results from your content marketing

Content marketing has recently risen to a position of prominence within the industry. As the creator of what is viewed, liked and shared online, it is one of the prime movers of any brand or product. Filling up the voids around the all-important keywords, content adds substance to any marketing strategy and, therefore, it cannot be ignored. As content marketing has become essential, it has also reached a high degree of professionalization. Those who engage in it no longer dabble with words and information, but consciously create powerful cocktails of useful content and subtle advertising. The next 5 tips can be found in the arsenal of any efficient marketer.

1.    Content is re-shareable

One of the most time-consuming elements of content marketing is that it constantly requires unique and new content, even on topics that have been looked at and written about many times. While it should…

Putting content curation front and centre in your content marketing planning

I've been spending some time this week writing a content marketing plan for a client, at First 10. As a part of that plan, I've focussed on content curation as a major part of the program of activity over the next 12 months. In their case, the reason why they're investing is that it's right strategically and suits their budget. They're a commercial marketing team with minimal internal copywriting resource, and they're not creative enough to reliably originate a steady stream of ideas. So it made sense to centralize content curation in addition to publishing original articles and media as and when they can afford it. My sense is that most marketing teams are likely needing this approach, so I thought I'd distill and simplify what's in their plan, in case…

Chart of the day: The majority of marketers say their content marketing strategy is effective and say their strategy is more effective than the previous year - but they also expect to produce more content next year than they are currently

The study showed that over 7 in 10 prioritised content delivery and distribution over the quality of content but 7 in 10 also focus on creating content with their audience in mind, rather than the brand. This highlights the pressure to deliver relevant content but produce as much content as possible and distribute it effectively, even if it means compromising on quality. This is often a false economy. With so much content now available competition is extreme. Only by producing exceptional content can you cut through the noise. The study also found that 7 in 10 marketers expect to produce more content next year…

How to successfully combine your PR and Content Marketing efforts

Content marketing and public relations (PR) are very similar in nature. One can even say that they are two sides of the same coin. Most people thought that with the emergence of social media, public relations (PR) may become irrelevant. But it didn't. Instead, it started using different approaches than the age-old methods of engagement and publicity. This post offers tips on why you need to combine content marketing with PR and how to do it successfully.

Why Combine Content Marketing with PR and Vice Versa

As PR and content marketing share a common goal, there is a great deal to be gained by harnessing a hybrid approach. Here is why any PR firm should be combining PR and content marketing strategies.

Offers Consolidated Platform for Sharing Ideas

Whether you are a content marketer or a PR professional, it is your responsibility to keep track…

The must know content marketing statistics to benchmark your plans against this year

Content marketing is now at the heart of marketing and we can see how important it is since marketers rated it as the most important technique for driving incremental sales in 2017 in our 2017 marketing predictions article. But what is content marketing? It means different things to different people. The Content marketing Institute define it as: 'a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.' So, content marketing involves a huge number of different potential formats and content distribution mediums which we recommended are mapped as explained in our free Top 10 content marketing mistakes guide (using the Content Marketing Matrix and Distribution Matrix at the bottom of the…

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