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New Smart Insights Feature: The Community

Author's avatar By Alexander Clark 29 Jan, 2016
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Discuss and find out the latest news in our new Community feature.

Long time users of Smart Insights, might remember 'Digital Marketing Answers' which was a forum for asking questions which we and other members would answer. It was a great way to find out what you wanted to know and covered questions from how to develop a digital strategy to SEO techniques to recommended qualifications to the best insights or stats sources.

It was used regularly by members, so seemed a great way to find out what you wanted to know and to enable sharing of issues not always discussed well.

However, the tech we built it in 3 years ago was no longer fit for purpose since it wasn't mobile responsive and it was a bit clunky in places. So we have now relaunched a new members' community - we look forward to answering your questions - Dr Dave Chaffey and others in the team are ready and waiting.

The new site is fully mobile responsive and have given it a bit of a face lift and improved usability:

Answers community

We've also looked into integrate the forum better with the core topics covered in our new interactive toolkits available in the members' area - these cover the 9 digital marketing techniques that matter most to getting leads and sales online - so choose from one of these when asking a question - if it doesn't quite fit - ask in the general strategy section.

Another  obvious feature we’ve improved is the search bar, which allows you to find any discussion around a particular topic.

We hope you will find the community useful to dig deeper into topics, trends and digital behaviours concerning your individual business challenges, ensuring you have all you need to drive more reach, engagement and conversions.

Don’t hesitate to ask a question since the question and responses could help other members thinking the same thing too.

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By Alexander Clark

A former member of the Smart Insights team, I’m always on the look out to collaborate with the finest minds in Digital Marketing. Currently working at Silverbean, I have a distinctive interest in all things outreach, content, strategy, and measurement. If you’d like to get in touch, you can do so through my LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. When I’m not planning new campaigns and content, I love playing the Bass Guitar and Drums (not necessarily at the same time) also racking up as many hours as possible on Football Manager and the Rugby pitch.

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