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How to make the most of every piece of content

Author's avatar By Tomer Granit 16 Dec, 2016
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Optimising your content journey is critical to content marketing success

A unique collaboration... 14 incredibly talented Dribbble designers... 52 original illustrations… the content journey never looked more appealing…

We thought to try something completely different. We wanted to create a piece of content like no other. A piece of content that is engaging and fun as much as it is informative and insightful.


  • The impact of quality content
  • Strategizing content pre-writing
  • The three golden rules of content: context, data, examples
  • The importance of titles
  • Post-writing distribution
  • Extending your content shelf life
  • Personalized content recommendations

So here it is - The Content Journey, from creation to conversion, in 52 amazing illustrations. A one-of-a-kind guide for how to make the most of every piece of content you create.

The Content Journey: illustrated by Dribbble designers from around the globe from BrightInfo
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By Tomer Granit

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