Sales teams need tools, resources, and knowledge if they are to perform well – and that’s what sales enablement is, in effect

How do you create a sales strategy that works? How do you build a sales team that closes deals on autopilot? There are a lot of factors that contribute to a great sales strategy, but it all starts with the team you build. Sales teams need tools, resources, and knowledge if they are to perform well – and that’s what sales enablement is, in effect. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about why you need sales enablement to improve your sales and show you how to implement sales enablement in your own business.

What exactly is sales enablement?

Simply put, sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with everything they need in order to perform and reach their maximum potential: Knowledge and content: all the information they need about…

Create a successful funnel to encourage your audience to buy

Product tours aren’t for everyone. No, you see, they’re for your ideal buyer — the customer you’ve identified through your marketing data is most likely to convert and make a purchase. A great product tour will keep your sales team in productive conversations with quality prospects that are more likely to convert, shorten the sales cycle by providing relevant information upfront, and increase conversions through a main call to action. Focus your energy on building a compelling product tour rather than wasting resources funneling the wrong folks through the marketing and sales pipeline. It begins with a relevant and engaging demonstration of how your product benefits users.

Funneling to Success

Consumers move fast on the internet, scouring pages of content and looking for even quicker solutions to their problems. With 96 percent of your website visitors seeking valuable content to lead them through the buyer’s…

How to build your email list using viral promotions

When building your email list, or indeed any lists for direct marketing, it is best practice to grow them organically, but of course that’s easier said than done and additional incentives will help grow a list more rapidly and can encourage sale as part of sales promotion. Social media will help amplify your promotions further. Running viral promotions via social media, such as contests and sweepstakes and the other examples I will show in this post, are the perfect example of how social media can both increase engagement with prospects and clients as well as building your email list organically. Before I explore the various viral promotions that you could utilise, we need to acknowledge the common pitfalls with viral promotions strategy and how to avoid them. Prize hunters not paying customers Viral promotions can attract the wrong type of prospects. There are always going to be those who will…