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Where to place your online ads: How to use scripts to filter your ad placements to select the most effective

This article is useful for those who would like to place advertisements on sites across the Internet, e.g. on YouTube, forums, mobile apps, and sites devoted to a similar subject. When you are using different targeting on the Google Display Network, Google selects placements for ads automatically, except placements added manually. After a short period of time, you can find interesting statistics, which shows that some placements perform well and some not so well for you. [si_quick_block id="124322" title="How to set up a Google Display Network campaign" description="Unlike search ads, which are text only, ads on the GDN can use a combination of text and images, and can be static or included animated elements. Learn how to start taking advantage of the Google Display Network with this quick win."] Try the following guidelines…

Chart of the day: A comparison of the effectiveness of paid search marketing contrasting Google's search network with the display network

This chart gives an update to historical data on conversion rates in Google Ads from the Google Ads management platform Wordstream. It's part of new benchmarking paid search marketing mobile statistics by industry. If you're considering paid search it gives you an idea of the conversion rates you can expect when making the business case. Of course, tests will show you rates specific to your market, type of keywords (Brand, generic, product, long tail, etc) and your proposition, but this gives an indication. The full report also covers clickthrough rate and cost to help you build conversion rate funnel spreadsheet revenue models which are provided as resources in Excel for our premium members.

Mobile Google Ads conversion rates by sector

The new 2018 cross-industry Google Ads clickthrough rate and conversion benchmarks shows that: The…

Review how link retargeting can help improve your reach and potential site visitors

As the new year gets into full swing, ecommerce businesses and entrepreneurs look to find the latest trends in order to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, and solve any challenges they as a business might face. One of the biggest challenges to date, is reaching new online customers, and fast. Targeting the right consumers, at the right time, can be tricky in an online world where consumers are bombarded with advertising that isn’t always relevant to them. While getting new customers to find your website is unfortunately not an exact science, one recent trend looks set to help businesses out in this regard, and it’s known as link retargeting.

What is link retargeting?

Those who have already delved into the world of online marketing will know that…

Minimize Waste, Maximize Impact by Optimizing Your Ads on Google Display Network

Google’s ads are shown on more than 2 million publisher websites a day, and that kind of broad reach can carry an incredibly powerful campaign — or send a lot of money to a lot of dead ends and wrong addresses. More than $12 billion of Google’s $43 billion in ad revenue came from Google Network members’ websites in 2013, but not all of this revenue yielded positive outcomes for the businesses that paid for them... A business wastes time and money when an ad campaign fails to yield the desired conversions or actions from its target audience. For instance, if your ads are being shown to people outside of the geographic area you serve, that’s campaign waste. Your business can create an effective and efficient ad campaign by using Google’s tools and taking a few simple steps to avoid campaign waste…

What is Google Adwords Remarketing?

Remarketing within Google is a specific use of the wider Google Display (formerly content) network (learn more about the content network). When remarketing is set up & configured it allows you to target people that visited your website with adverts on other website which have opted into displaying adverts from the Display Network. Check out this video from Google which outlines just how remarketing works... Some further reading can be found here if you are interested : Google Remarketing

Is it worth the time & effort?

The answer is yes but as with everything in life it comes with a few 'but's"... It has to be configured correctly, what I mean by this is: You HAVE to define & segment your…

"Are you wasting money with Google through its default options"

What is Google's Display (aka content) Network?

The Display network is a collection of third party sites like online publishers and bloggers who have agreed to display Google "Adsense" ads. So here your ads are displayed entirely separate from Google - so it is, in my view, the biggest hidden secret to newcomers to paid search marketing. Google gets around 30% of its revenue, not from searches on its own site, but displaying contextual ads on other sites or searches linked from other sites. These ads are displayed as part…