Geofencing has been gaining popularity recently when it comes to local marketing, but what is it and how useful is it really?

If you’ve been working in digital marketing, and in local marketing especially, you’re bound to have come across one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry right now - geofencing. If you haven’t, then let’s just quickly give you an idea of what geofencing is and what it can do.

What is geofencing?

In a nutshell, geofencing is a software feature that allows you to send targeted ads to customers based on their location. The idea is this: you set up a virtual boundary (or a fence, if you will) around a certain region using GPS or RFID that allows the software to trigger ads when customers enter or…

Google shares new research about changes in local search behaviour and how to use extensions to deliver relevant local ads

Importance: [rating=2] Recommended link: Google's preview of new mobile ad extensions Google has responded to changes in users' searching behaviour as more people look for local services using their smartphones. In the introduction to this new feature, Google gives the example of changes in search behaviour... "Google search interest in "near me" has doubled since last year,1 with 80% coming from mobile". Google's research shows that in these 'moments', consumers have heightened expectations for immediacy and relevance — 4 out of 5 say they want search ads to be customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings. The new ads shows three or four different businesses for location-related searches like “nearby auto repair.” As the example below shows, each ad unit will feature click-to-call and directions which can be easily followed-up on, for example by calling your…

A briefing on the new Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Value/Importance to AdWords advertisers: [rating=4] - But only if you have high levels of mobile traffic and/or physical store locations. Recommended link: AdWords Enhanced Campaigns announcement - 06/02/2013

Our commentary on AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google’s mantra has always been Relevance, Relevance, Relevance! They’re now really putting it into practice for mobile marketing with this exciting new feature which means that soon you will be able to more easily target mobile users with ads based on their location, device and time of day. These options were already available to advertisers, but it will become much easier to implement and measure mobile-specific ads. However, I understand that tablets can't be easily targeted any longer. Google says this is due to a blurring of different tablet devices and desktops. Nevertheless, savvy advertisers were using this as a way to reach a perceived more valuable audience. The key features of…