There are many technologies that are set to impact the mobile app development industry in 2020, let's take a look at some of the biggest trends

In an era when the world is heading towards digitalization, mobile apps are gaining tremendous traction in all spheres of life and are becoming an indispensable part of the digital ecosystem. A huge investment in the mobile app development industry by many tech giants has been witnessed in the past few years. Small businesses are also gradually realizing the significance of mobile apps and are incorporating them into business processes. Mobile apps help organizations create brand awareness, deliver personalized content, boost customer engagement, reduce costs, and increase sales. The popularity of mobile apps can be made out by the fact that 1.96 million apps are featured in the App Store and 2.46 million apps are available on the Google Play (as of the second quarter of…

The great idea behind each app, the end result and why they failed

With well over two million apps in the duopolistic Apple and Google app stores - there are far more stories about app failures than app successes. The colossal flops are the really important stories because they can teach us about what not to do when designing, building, launching and marketing a new app. Here are a few of the biggest flops in the mobile app industry, which can serve as examples of what not to do.

1. Everpix - 55,000 active users but no sales or marketing strategy

The truth is, app stores are oversaturated with similar apps while the most successful apps are unique and have a strong value proposition. If you build an app that offers similar features to hundreds of competitors, you'll likely have immense trouble winning over users. So, keep in mind that this one principle can…

Best practice UX, UI and design principles from inside and outside the world of financial services

Finance is something that affects all of us is one way or another nearly every day of our lives. As the internet has continued to grow and give rise to new platforms, mainstream banks and emerging players alike are giving consumers more choice than ever to bank, save and manage their finances online. [si_guide_block id="82017" title="Download our Business Resource – Financial services marketing trends guide" description="In this guide, we examine the key trends, customer behaviours and new digital innovations which are shaping the future of the financial services (FS) sector."/] Mobile, in particular, has opened up many new opportunities to interact with our finances. At the touch of a button (or fingerprint), we can pay for things on the go (e.g. Apple Pay), make quick and easy payments, manage our budget and review spending by category: …

A successful mobile app can help provide a better user experience but also help your business. Here are five ingredients you need to make your app successful

The continuing growth of mobile has transformed our relationship with the web. What was once a space dominated by desktop is now very much mobile-first, with some countries seeing more than four times higher smartphone versus desktop audience.

[caption id="attachment_136176" align="alignnone" width="640"] [Image Source: Comscore][/caption]In the UK, the majority (62%) of time spent on the internet is on mobile devices, and at least 78% of adults now own a smartphone. [caption id="attachment_136177" align="alignnone" width="640"] [Image source: Ofcom][/caption]However, the role of desktop is by no means redundant. Data from Comscore shows that the majority of…

Some mistakes are so common they often get ignored by the mobile app development companies on the pretext of aspiring to provide something unique or different to the users

Did you know that by 2020 mobile apps are projected to generate $188.9 billion in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising? The data published by Statistica highlights how the mobile app market is growing and shows that there is a big chance for small and mid-scale companies to capitalize on the profusely growing mobile app market. [si_guide_block id="125214" title="Download our Premium Resource – Mobile SEO guide" description="To help you learn the actions you need to take to follow Google's changes, this guide will give you a through breakdown of everything you need to know about mobile SEO."/] Though the data highlights the growth and exposes some of the opportunities available, some data also shows a decline in mobile app usage. According to AppsFlyer,…

With the significant penetration of smartphones today, it has become imperative for entrepreneurs to take advantage of mobile apps to further improve their businesses

Ever since the smartphone revolution began, a lot of opportunities have opened up that can help businesses to thrive. The combination of mobile apps and new age startups has the potential to change the rules when it comes to business. With the significant penetration of smartphones today, it has become imperative for entrepreneurs to take advantage of mobile apps to further improve their businesses and help their startups to grow. When starting a business, you must clearly describe your objectives and prioritize them straight away. Following this, you then simply have to work on four important touch points. which are also the main routes for achieving success in your business. Customer engagement Service…

Which KPIs will help retailers optimise their mobile apps?

Well, you've finally launched your app and like other app makers in the retail space, you are looking to increase engagement with your users and generate income. You are monitoring your downloads and sources, but is that really enough to understand your users and discover what makes them stick? Will you be able to fully optimise your app based on this information alone? The answer is a pretty firm NO. You might be monitoring certain elements or metrics of your app, but is it really giving you the info you need? Going one step further, you need to be monitoring the right KPIs under those metrics. Because when it comes right down to it, KPIs are where the clues are at - these will guide you in optimising your app and increasing conversions. In this post, I…

Learn the benefits of progressive web apps (PWAs) and why you should be using them

This year has been huge for the mobile web. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which have enabled the rapid delivery of news content, have muscled their way to the top of Google search results. Furthermore, Comscore reports that mobile is the leading digital platform, with 52% of mobile media engagement being made via apps. As mobile consumption continues to grow, providing users with a fast and efficient experience is paramount in boosting impressions, conversions, and sales. It is because of this that Google is seeking to blur the lines between a mobile website and the native app experience, with the introduction of Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

There is a problem with the mobile web

Think about how quickly the Facebook, Instagram or BBC news apps load on your phone. A world of information is available almost instantly with just one…

Case studies showcasing the positive affects of PWAs

PWA technology isn’t exactly new, but it isn’t completely old either. However, as more and more internet users spend more and more time (as well as more and more money) via mobile applications, and because of the high and increasing level of mobile penetration globally, it comes as no surprise that the meteoric rise in popularity of mobile internet usage has led to more companies both big and small incorporating PWAs as part of their digital marketing strategy. Two questions still remain, though: what exactly are Progressive Web Apps? And why have they suddenly become so popular? To be able to better understand how things have gotten to where they are now, we should take a step back to look at some web development history.

History and background

The past decade or so…

Evolution of the TV watching experience

Not only did social networks change the way we stay in touch with friends, read the news and interact with brands, but also the way we watch TV. These days, our TV watching experience is no longer limited to the span of your living room coach – you can stay on the line friends and fellow fans and share your excitement about a new episode of a favorite show or a sports event without leaving the room. So it’s not surprising that content producers want to see us more and more involved and following them online, as it gives them a wealth of opportunities to keep us hooked and pitch commercial offers at just the right time. All that is required besides a television is an Internet-enabled phone, tablet or laptop – in other words, a second screen that extends and enhances the content that…

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