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Product launches are the perfect opportunity to develop multilayered marketing campaigns that deploy over extended periods of time.

For example, you could begin by crafting a few press releases and blog posts that announce the new product. Then, immediately after, you could post a handful of explainer videos that aim to inform consumers. All the while, you could be driving traffic to various landing pages across your website through promotional emails, webinars, and other forms of content. In other words: You can — and should — bring together resources and talent from multiple departments to create, publish, and distribute a wide variety of marketing assets that build excitement around your new product. [si_guide_block id="26333" title="Campaign timeline/project plan template and example" description="Create a schedule for your marketing campaigns and always-on activity with our easy-to-use campaign timeline and project plan template. Simply follow our prompts to complete your comprehensive timeline for your next campaign!"/] But for…

It’s not always easy to tell at a glance which social media platform will offer the most opportunities for your brand

The past decade’s explosion in social media marketing has made it more important than ever to know how to effectively deploy a limited paid social budget. With so many social media platforms around, many small- and medium-sized businesses are focusing on cultivating a strong presence on one platform. It’s a good way for a business to avoid spreading its social budget too thin - but it does require choosing the right platform. The truth is that it’s not always easy to tell at a glance which social media platform will offer the most opportunities for your brand. It takes some research, vision, data-crunching and possibly a little soul searching about what your business is here to accomplish. If that sounds like a tall order, don’t worry. We’ll help you break it…

Your digital marketing should use the communication mode your prospects prefer: videos. By producing compelling brand origin, segment-specific and explainer videos, you’ll stand apart from the competition

Everywhere you look these days, people are staring at screens. What they’re viewing most is social media videos and streamed TV. In digital marketing videos are no longer just a nice to have; they’re a core medium through which to build awareness of your brand and to prime future conversions. The ROI of video marketing is clear, as shown in recent articles by Smart Insights and Wordstream. [si_guide_block id="23343" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Video and YouTube marketing guide" description="Our guide shows you how to review the full opportunities from video marketing whether you are a company looking to integrate video marketing more into your campaigns or a marketing agency looking to improve your video marketing services."/] Here are…

PR may seem like a throwback but it can still deliver if combined with new digital tactics

We’re in the midst of a digital revolution, a golden age for tech innovation and disruption in virtually every industry. It's perhaps nowhere near as pronounced as it is in the marketing and advertising spheres. Outbound is out while inbound is in. Direct mail has been replaced by email. Social media has, in many ways, replaced socializing itself. It’s easy to think that 'old' means ineffective and outdated. But that’s a massive oversimplification. [si_guide_block id="44461" title="Download our Free Resource – Email marketing trends 2019" description="In 2019, email marketing remains one the most effective techniques for digital marketers, so keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, best practice techniques, and technologies for email marketing remains extremely important."/] Take public relations, for example. It might seem like a throwback to a different time, but that doesn’t make…

What are the essential parts of a campaign plan template?

The purpose of a marketing campaign plan is to identify relevant, integrated, marketing activities and channels to reach campaign objectives as well as influence customers. An effective campaign plan has an engaging, shareable, campaign concept which utilizes both online and offline marketing communications tools and digital media channels. [si_guide_block id="5681" title="Marketing campaign plan template" description="Use our campaign plan template to quickly and effectively plan every element of your next marketing campaign. It covers everything from goal setting and customer insights to asset creation and budget allocation. Let us do some of the heavy lifting so you can get your campaign started faster!"/] As outlined in our Quick Win – Create a Multi-Channel Marketing Plan, a marketing campaign plan is a shorter-term integrated communications plan for using different digital media to hit lead or sales targets. Its purpose is to engage…

Travel brands must select the right influencers to work with in order to see the best results and create effective stories

Working with influencers can propel a travel campaign forward and help your company reach its audience more effectively. But when you pick an influencer to work with, you are aligning their brand with your own, this is why it's incredibly important to choose the right individuals to work with. This can mean selecting influencers is a daunting prospect, especially if you have little or no experience of working in this way. One of the biggest mistakes that first-timers make is not doing enough research into influencers before choosing who to work with. [si_guide_block id="35932" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Smarter Instagram marketing guide" description="Our Smarter Instagram marketing guide will help you tap into the consumer activity on Instagram to use it to grow your business."/] It’s simply not enough to select the…

Videos are the second most lucrative form of content, leaving behind blogs, webinars, infographics and case studies. This year, to dominate your competition, use videos to increase conversions, attract a new audience, create brand recall, explain a product service and for customer support

Videos have taken the marketing world by storm. By 2021, video traffic will be responsible for 81% of all consumer internet traffic, reports Cisco. Think about where you go when you want entertainment or information about a product? I bet, one of your go-to-solutions is YouTube. Not only are people seeking more videos to consumer information, but they also remember them more. Around 80% of customers can recall an advertisement they watched last month, according to Vidyard, which analyzed 250,000 videos from 600 businesses. [si_guide_block id="23343" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Video and YouTube marketing guide" description="Our guide shows you how to…

SEO needs to be considered as an integral part of a web design project, not as an afterthought

SEO can play a crucial part in achieving the perfect digital marketing mix for your business and any brand that takes its digital strategy seriously will no doubt already have a robust plan in place to maximise online performance. But, organic search can be fragile, even fickle, and the smallest misjudgements can leave you exposed. Timing is of the essence, with SEO, and can often be a major contributor in getting the best, most cost-effective results in the long run. In an ideal world, brands should begin focussing their attention on their organic search strategy as early as when they are planning the design and development of their website. However, all too often, they fail to do so and leave SEO as an afterthought or retrospective consideration, unknowingly jeopardising future success. [si_guide_block id="22067" title="Website design…

Human customers mean you should be writing content aimed at humans, not algorithms

Your customers are humans. You’re not trying to sell your products and services to Google’s web-crawler bots. This means you should be writing content aimed at humans, not algorithms. At the same time, the algorithms control search results and SEO can have huge effects on your bottom line. So as much as you might want to create beautiful content written for a human audience, it can seem that economics favours the robots. [si_guide_block id="34016" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Evaluating content marketing ROI guide" description="This guide is aimed at helping you improve your confidence in the value of content marketing by stepping you through a range of techniques to help marketers evaluate and prove their content effectiveness."/] The truth is that you can - and must - write for both. But it’s easier than you might…

Is your business equipped to offer customers personalized experiences across multiple channels?

In the era of instant communications and instant gratification, relationships between businesses and customers are changing. Driven by customers’ need for personalized and seamless interactions, brands are constantly adopting new communication channels, which allow them to reach customers at any stage of their purchasing journey. Making a purchase nowadays is easier than ever as customers can go from discovering a product on Instagram to an online checkout system in less than a minute. With 51% of UK’s consumers saying they prefer to shop online, the pressure is on for businesses to engage customers in high-touch point, more personalized interactions. [si_guide_block id="135151" title="Download our Business Resource – Integrating customer acquisition and retention communications" description="Our briefing to integrating customer acquisition and retention communications will show you common areas where the two teams fail to communicate, how a customer data…

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