Effective experiential campaigns produce ongoing engagement between customer and brand, and social media is a key component in fortifying long-term consumer loyalty

If there’s one thing Millennials have taught us, it’s that people no longer want to view content passively. They want to engage moment to moment, creating their own content and enjoying intimate interactions with their favorite personalities. In short, they crave experiences.

Instagram reacted by launching its Stories feature in 2016, offering a way for people to share their experience with a more seamless alternative to Snapchat’s popular story feature. The two companies have been battling it out since then, though a 2017 study found Instagram is currently the preferred platform for popular influencers.


How to hire an amazing editor and save your brand from embarrassing gaffes and find your content groove

In today's fast-moving world of internet publishing, speed often wins over accuracy. While it may seem we're all getting more lenient with typos, misspellings, and obvious grammatical mistakes, the truth is that our mistakes are still noticed. Individual customer impressions matter, and, if the mistakes go viral, they could have a more amplified negative brand effect than ever before. Just ask the poor brands that ended up on this unfortunate countdown list full of "eggregious" mistakes "thier" surely not proud of. Hiring an editor brings about a host of benefits, including a reduction in writing and grammatical mistakes and an increase in high-quality content. Most brands and agencies don’t have an editor, but how many can say they haven’t missed spelling or grammatical errors? It’s not a 'nice' to have; it’s a must-have. [si_guide_block id="85104" title="Download…

Influencers are revving up marketing campaigns’ engines in new and connective ways

Just look at Glossier, the skin care and makeup line that built its entire brand by engaging with everyday influencers on social media — no traditional marketing necessary. But let's dig deeper. While influencers can play a part in successful marketing campaigns, it is not only the influencers with the largest social followings who get the job done. It’s common to think that more followers mean more opportunities for exposure, but research shows the opposite to be true, favoring micro-influencers with smaller followings instead. Think about it — the lower influencer-to-followers ratio allows the influencer to give more attention to individuals, ultimately fostering stronger, more personal relationships. Case in point: The influencer-based social media marketing company HelloSociety found that micro-influencers have followers who are 60 percent more engaged than those of bigger influencers. …

5 easy steps to improve your ecommerce conversion rate using personalization tools, segmentation, interaction data (AOV and RPV) and campaign split testing

As a marketer you’re always seeking the holy grail that will grow your revenues, that insight that tells you exactly which design updates are increasing your ecommerce website’s key conversion metrics like conversion rate, average order value (AOV) and revenue per visitor (RPV), and - equally importantly - which are not! The good news: 2017 is an awesome year for conversion optimization tools. We’re now way beyond the ‘seeing’ part - voyeuristically seeing what visitors are doing, where they most click and scroll. Now, by investing in a personalization platform, you can analyze your visitors’ specific interactions, and understand which of them correlate with higher conversions and revenues. Below I share the five steps for doing this. [si_guide_block id="57383" title="Access premium resource – Web Personalisation guide" description="This guide explains how to create…

Having trained hundreds of people over the years on how to get the most from LinkedIn, today I’ve shared some quick tips which you should find immediately actionable.

LinkedIn has had some bad press over the last few years. Too many recruiters, too many people spamming it with innocuous posts and too many people treating it like a more personal social network, which it simply isn’t. My experience of the platform has been far from that reality. I’ve had nothing but success from leveraging this corporate stage but I believe that has far more to do with my mind-set towards it and how I use it for the B2B business environment I operate in. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download FREE Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes guide" description="Our actionable guide to avoiding common social media marketing mistakes to help you avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience."/]

Just a recruitment…

Facebook video ads really could be the silver bullet that creates a huge bottom-line impact

For as long as I can remember, marketing professionals have been proclaiming that Facebook is dead. A little extreme, right? Well, continually declining reach, boosted posts and ads that deliver untargeted fans and traffic, and the need to throw big money to generate any meaningful ROI have all contributed to this frustration.

[si_guide_block id="5768" title="Download Premium Resource – Social Media Strategy Guide " description="Understand how to best use social media in your marketing strategy as an individual or as a business."/]

To be fair, as social networks go, Facebook is harder to crack than some of the others. There are some Facebook marketing hacks you can test that will certainly help, including: Tagging contributors, fans, and experts in posts to extend reach Commenting and liking as your page, not your personal account The use of visual…

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has generated a lot of hype and it is seen as a silver bullet that will solve all the problems the ecommerce business has.

The truth is there are two sides of the same coin. The first one is that CRO is indeed as magical as the compound interest: only a 6% add of incremental increase will lead to 90% more conversions in just 12 months. This means you double your conversions and you decrease the customer acquisition cost - double strike! This is the good side of conversion optimization. On the other hand, the bad side of CRO is that not all companies are qualified to start the optimization process, and not all the companies that adopted this technique are doing it in the right way. Further on, in this article, I want to present you the real path of conversion rate optimization, from start to success. …

Why integrating SEO with other marketing channels is imperative for a successful online strategy

Having a defined and targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is without a doubt a critical factor in driving traffic to your site. However, for a fully optimized marketing strategy, it is vital that SEO is also integrated with other offline and online channels, across the customer lifecycle. Smart Insights’ Customer Lifecycle model shows a visual representation of what a fully integrated marketing strategy should include, using the RACE framework: To achieve long-lasting, quality results, SEO needs to be integrated into your overall marketing strategy. SEO is vital to the first stage of RACE - reach. SEO is reaching your audience via search engines and meeting them with the answers to the questions they ask. This will not only help to maximize conversions but, will also ensure…

8 ways by which AI will affect comprehension of data, analyze and utilize data as well as shaping the development of digital marketing tools

Earlier this year, Toyota’s usage of AI for its Rav4 Marketing Campaign got the jaws dropping and the eyes widening. IBM’s Watson had struck again – a Machine Learning (ML) program that used an algorithm to generate ad scripts! The campaign is an example of how Toyota agency-of-record Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles is using what it calls "creative programmatic." The agency wanted to connect the Toyota's Rav4 crossover to the favorite activities of individual consumers but in an unpredictable way. So, Saatchi fed Watson the world's top 1,000 activities - like biking, dancing, and cooking - and asked Watson to pair two activities that had low probabilities of being matched. The agency then used the pairings to create 300 unique videos, which targeted at users on Facebook and Instagram. This is…

Increase leads and sales by using our full range of recommended tools and techniques to audit your content marketing effectiveness

Many content audits are limited by just reviewing SEO or making an inventory of existing content. These are both important, but to improve your content to make it more valuable to your business AND your audience, we recommend a complete 360-degree content audit [link] covering all aspects of content effectiveness. Our content audit is different since it helps you get more value from your content by improving each of these crucial elements of content effectiveness: SEO – increase rankings and technical quality of content for SEO Content coverage – a traditional inventory of types of content to identify new content needed Impact of content on leads and sales by integrating Google Analytics data and reviewing UX to make improvements to calls-to-action Content mapping to personas through the customer journey Audience opinions and feedback on…

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