Content marketing should explicitly be about promoting the right content to the right audience at the right time in order to achieve your marketing goals

Whether you're creating content from scratch or refurbishing existing content, your goal should be to engage and entice your target audience effectively on different platforms and, ultimately, prompt action. Your blog posts, videos, infographics, contests and ads all need to be perfectly aligned with the buyer’s journey. This means you need to understand the awareness, consideration and decision stages. [si_guide_block id="70710" title="Download our Premium Resource – Content marketing strategy e-learning course" description="Use our course to step through the analysis, planning and implementation activities which will take your content marketing to the next level."/] However, it’s quite difficult - if not entirely impossible - to do this without having a documented plan that covers effective distribution of your content. At the same time, your content marketing campaigns may end up…

Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of paid search on China’s largest search platform

With Google claiming less than 2% of the market in China, the search engine landscape is markedly different from that in most Western markets. While there are several key players, including Haosou, Sogou, and Shenma, in the space, Baidu is undoubtedly the first port of call for most companies looking to run search marketing campaigns in China. [si_guide_block id="98470" title="Download our Premium Resource – China digital marketing strategy guide" description="This guide will give you a better understanding of China’s biggest online marketing channels and how they operate."/]

So, why Baidu?

There are several reasons why advertisers turn to Baidu when looking to advertise their products or services to Chinese consumers, the most important of which are outlined here. Most significant is the fact that Baidu has the highest market share across both desktop and mobile. According to…

We have explored the world of SEO custom alerts to make sure that key elements such as robots.txt, traffic and rankings are closely monitored

Have you ever spent time and effort on optimizing a website only to see all that hard work blown away in a blink of an eye? We have explored the world of SEO custom alerts to make sure that key elements such as robots.txt, traffic and rankings are closely monitored so you can track issues and fix them straight away. [si_guide_block id="5750" title="Download our Premium Resource – Successful SEO guide" description="Our comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation best practices isn't just for SEOs, the clear explanations mean that it can be used by marketers to ask the right questions to boost their SEO."/] After a (bad) experience with a developer going rogue and disallowing an entire site overnight, I’ve been focusing on finding solutions to potentially avoid catastrophic issues like…

With desktops relegated strictly to the workplace, nearly every other online activity is accomplished with ease on mobile devices

When the average American spends over five hours glued to their smartphone every day, you know that it’s become their primary “screen”. That’s 2.5x time spent on mobile than desktops per month. With desktops relegated strictly to the workplace, nearly every other online activity is accomplished with ease on mobile devices. It all started innocuously enough, with mobile searches overtaking desktop searches on Google, way back in 2015. By October 2016, mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic worldwide for the first time ever with 51.3% of all traffic from mobile. That figure has been blown out of the water today, with a whopping 73% of online traffic now coming from mobile devices according to data collected from the network. [si_guide_block id="87688" title="Download…

CRO is an underrepresented specialty in today’s marketing industry and because of a general lack of understanding about the field of work, it often loses out

I attend and speak at some of the best digital marketing conferences all over the world and I can count on one hand, the number of sessions I’ve seen that offered quality content about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This marketing specialization always seems to fly under the radar in marketing circles. [si_guide_block id="27373" title="Download our Premium Resource – Website conversion optimization planner" description=Plan structured tests and experiments to improve results from your site"/] Yes, there are a number of great websites and resources dedicated to CRO. There are also some excellent CRO-specific conferences out there and I’ve attended most of them - but the real problem is this: The only people talking about conversion rate optimization are CRO experts at CRO conferences and CRO bloggers on CRO-specific websites.…

Social listening can help improve your sales by boosting the awareness, interest, engagement and action stages

The sales funnel is the Holy Grail of marketing metaphors. For anyone who wants to have a successful business, a convenient scheme describing how to make people buy your product or service is extremely appealing. Social media typically fits at the top of a classical sales funnel - it is supposed to bring strangers into your sales funnel, with other strategies kicking in afterward. However, with the development of social media and the introduction of new tools, sales funnels have changed and evolved. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download our Free Resource –10 common social media marketing mistakes" description="Avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience. Take a look at 10 common mistakes businesses make on social media to avoid them."/] Nowadays there are multiple ways to view sales funnels: as a reverse funnel,…

Thanks to Google and its various projects during 2018, we have a whole list of things that can help improve and elevate the status of your e-commerce brand

The relentless growth in the sector of digital marketing and business in the form of e-commerce has vastly affected the process of website design and development. In the world of e-commerce, the development of a platform is user-specific and depends on the latest advancement in the domain of online shopping. To deliver an extraordinary and up-to-date experience to customers, web architects need to keep check the e-commerce website design every now and then and change it accordingly. [si_guide_block id="22067" title="Download our Premium Resource – Website design and build briefing template" description="We’ve created this template to help client-side digital marketing and Ecommerce managers brief a website design and build project to either an in-house team or to a digital/web design partner."/] Thanks to Google and its various…

There is a pool of great PPC tools that can help you see how your competitors rank, how many PPC ads they are running, how much they are spending and where they are being shown

The online space is getting highly competitive with every passing month, especially when it comes to e-commerce. Even though a good way to attract traffic is pay-per-click advertising, it’s very budget-demanding, which means you have to be very creative and careful when creating your Google Ads campaigns. Fortunately, you don’t need to rack your brain over new creative ideas to make your advertising campaign successful. With enough competitive intelligence, you can use your competitors’ experience to give yourself the upper hand. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to find powerful optimization ideas, improve your ads’ performance and keep up with the latest marketing changes. [si_guide_block id="59581" title="Download our Premium Resource – Inbound Marketing Quick Wins template" description="Ou…

Repurposing content is an easy, often time-saving practice, that brings a plethora of benefits

Are you making the most of your content? Repurposing content – i.e. finding new ways to re-use your content – is an easy, often time-saving practice that brings a plethora of benefits: from reaching a new audience to saving time creating new content and improving your search engine optimization (SEO). [si_guide_block id="34016" title="Download our Premium Resource – Evaluating Content Marketing ROI Guide" description="This guide is aimed at helping you improve your confidence in the value of content marketing by stepping you through a range of techniques to help marketers evaluate and prove their content effectiveness."/] In this short guide, I’m going to show you how exactly you too can repurpose your content.

Audit your content

If you’re going to repurpose any of your content, you should ideally start with the best, most popular pieces you’ve already created: Blog posts and resources from…

Voice search optimization techniques that will boost your e-commerce sales

Just as people switched from using computers to mobile, voice search is now quickly changing the way that consumers look for products or services they’d like to purchase. With Google and other tech giants unveiling new features or improved capabilities of virtual assistants and voice interfaces such as Siri, Cortana, Google Voice Search and Alexa, it really won’t take long before much or all of the queries for products or services are asked via voice search. In fact, 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local business information within the last year. According to OC&C Strategy Consultants, voice commerce sales will reach $40 billion by 2022 and in the same year, 50% of consumers will use voice shopping. Here’s a snapshot of what users have been searching for using voice search: [caption id="attachment_129689" align="alignnone" width="974"]…

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